Hearthstone Deck Tracker Plugin

I prefer Hearthstone Deck Tracker to gather stats because it gives a lot more information about cards and region. Just follow the instructions below to install the plugin.

  • If you are already using Hearthstone Deck Tracker, just download the plugin from GitHub.
  • Then unzip the release into the HDT Plugins directory (this directory can be accessed via Options > Tracker > Plugins > Plugins Folder)
  • The directory should look like Plugins/MetaStats/[some files]
  • Enable the plugin from Options > Tracker > Plugins
  • Once the plugin is active it will send game data at the end of every game. You don't have to do anything else.
  • Just make sure to re-enable the plugin after any HDT update.
  • It is an open source plugin and it only collects Hearthstone game data, no personal/battle.net information is ever touched.


If you are using Track-o-Bot and would like to share your data please fill out the following form:

  • If you haven't already, install Track-o-bot from https://www.trackobot.com
  • Open your profile.

  • Under the settings menu, go to API.

  • Find your username, and click "Reveal" to show your API token.

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