Descent of Dragons:

  • Old decks have be removed from the website.
  • New decks will be added/removed as soon as we have enough data (can take few hours to get the data)
  • The algorithm for deck detection has been reset and has to train again using the new expansion cards/decks, so for the first few days, you will see a lot of decks that might not be as refined or relevant but will help the system learn and adapt.
  • To keep up with all the meta changes we will be updating all stats on the site hourly.

If you have suggestions or would like to see data in a certain way, please feel free to leave a comment on /r/metastats.

Priest Decks (December 2019) - Standard Ladder
Win-Rate Calculated using The Boomsday Project Data From Last 7 Days.

Last Update: 12/11/2019 08:00 PM (GMT -7)
*Win-Rate and Games played using data from Last 7 Days

Top 5 Priest Decks ( View All Decks )

*Showing decks with 25 games minimum

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