Hearthstone Complete Card List

Ancestral Healing (CS2_041)

Backstab (CS2_072)

Beakered Lightning (BOT_246)

Blur (BT_752)

Circle of Healing (EX1_621)

Counterfeit Coin (CFM_630)

Darkness Awaits (LOOT_526e)

Desk Imp (SCH_145)

Elemental Evocation (TRL_310)

Embiggen (DRG_315)

First Day of School (SCH_247)

Forbidden Flame (OG_086)

Forbidden Healing (OG_198)

Forbidden Ritual (OG_114)

Forbidden Shaping (OG_101)

Forbidden Words (DAL_723)

Freezing Potion (CFM_021)

Inner Rage (EX1_607)

Innervate (EX1_169)

Lazul's Scheme (DAL_011)

Lightning Bloom (SCH_427)

Moonfire (CS2_008)

Murloc Tinyfin (LOEA10_3)

Mutate (DAL_071)

Pounce (TRL_243)

Power Word: Shield (CS2_004)

Preparation (EX1_145)

Raise Dead (SCH_514)

Regenerate (TRL_128)

Sacrificial Pact (NEW1_003)

Shadowstep (EX1_144)

Shifting Scroll (LOOT_104)

Silence (EX1_332)

Snowflipper Penguin (ICC_023)

Target Dummy (GVG_093)

Topsy Turvy (BOT_517)

Totemic Might (EX1_244)

Totemic Surge (ULD_171)

Twin Slice (BT_175)

Whispers of EVIL (DRG_301)

Wisp (CS2_231)

Zap! (GIL_600)

Abusive Sergeant (CS2_188)

Acherus Veteran (ICC_092)

Acornbearer (DAL_354)

Activate the Obelisk (ULD_724)

Adaptation (UNG_961)

Adorable Infestation (SCH_617)

Air Elemental (UNG_019)

Alleycat (CFM_315)

Angry Chicken (EX1_009)

Animated Berserker (ICC_238)

Animated Broomstick (SCH_311)

Arcane Anomaly (KAR_036)

Arcane Artificer (LOOT_231)

Arcane Blast (AT_004)

Arcane Breath (DRG_106)

Arcane Missiles (EX1_277)

Arcane Shot (DS1_185)

Argent Squire (EX1_008)

Athletic Studies (SCH_237)

Autodefense Matrix (BOT_908)

Avenge (FP1_020)

Awaken the Makers (UNG_940)

Babbling Book (KAR_009)

Barkskin (LOOT_047)

Battlefiend (BT_351)

Bazaar Burglary (ULD_326)

Beaming Sidekick (ULD_191)

Bestial Wrath (EX1_549)

Binding Heal (UNG_030)

Biology Project (BOT_054)

Blackjack Stunner (BT_711)

Bladed Cultist (OG_070)

Blazing Battlemage (DRG_239)

Blazing Invocation (GIL_836)

Blessing of Might (CS2_087)

Blessing of Wisdom (EX1_363)

Blood Imp (CS2_059)

Blood To Ichor (OG_314)

Bloodclaw (TRL_543)

Bloodsail Corsair (NEW1_025)

Bloodsail Flybooter (DRG_035)

Boom Squad (YOD_023)

Brain Freeze (SCH_509)

Brave Archer (AT_059)

Brazen Zealot (ULD_145)

Breath of Sindragosa (ICC_836)

Buccaneer (AT_029)

Call of the Void (EX1_181)

Candleshot (LOOT_222)

Carrion Studies (SCH_300)

Chameleos (GIL_142)

Charge (CS2_103)

Claw (CS2_005)

Clear the Way (DRG_251)

Cleric of Scales (YOD_013)

Clockwork Gnome (GVG_082)

Cloning Device (BOT_435)

Cogmaster (GVG_013)

Competitive Spirit (AT_073)

Conceal (EX1_128)

Consume Magic (BT_490)

Corrupt the Waters (ULD_291)

Corruption (CS2_063)

Crimson Sigil Runner (BT_480)

Crystal Power (DAL_350)

Crystalline Oracle (UNG_032)

Crystallizer (BOT_447)

Crystology (BOT_909)

Cursed Blade (LOE_118)

Daring Escape (DAL_728)

Daring Fire-Eater (TRL_390)

Dark Pact (LOOT_017)

Dark Possession (GIL_543)

Deadly Poison (CS2_074)

Deadscale Knight (ICC_220)

Demon Companion (SCH_600)

Demonic Studies (SCH_158)

Depth Charge (DRG_078)

Desperate Measures (DAL_141)

Devastate (TRL_321)

Devolving Missiles (SCH_235)

Dire Mole (LOOT_258)

Disciple of Galakrond (DRG_303)

Divine Strength (OG_223)

Doomerang (ICC_233)

Double Jump (SCH_422)

Draconic Studies (SCH_233)

Dragon Egg (BRM_022)

Dragon's Hoard (DRG_028)

Dust Devil (EX1_243)

Dwarven Sharpshooter (DRG_253)

Earth Shock (EX1_245)

Earthen Scales (UNG_108)

Elemental Allies (DRG_324)

Elven Archer (CS2_189)

Embalming Ritual (ULD_265)

Emerald Hive Queen (UNG_085)

Emerald Reaver (UNG_803)

Enchanted Raven (KAR_300)

Eternium Rover (BOT_059)

Ethereal Augmerchant (BT_724)

Evocation (BT_006)

Evolve (OG_027)

Eye for an Eye (EX1_132)

Faithful Lumi (BOT_079)

Felosophy (SCH_702)

Feral Gibberer (LOOT_218)

Fiendish Servant (YOD_026)

Fiery Bat (OG_179)

Finders Keepers (CFM_313)

Fire Fly (UNG_809)

Fire Plume's Heart (UNG_934)

Flame Imp (EX1_319)

Flash Heal (AT_055)

Floop's Glorious Gloop (BOT_444)

Font of Power (BT_021)

Forbidden Ancient (OG_051)

Forked Lightning (EX1_251)

Frazzled Freshman (SCH_137)

Frost Shock (CS2_037)

Gadgetzan Jouster (AT_133)

Getaway Kodo (CFM_800)

Gibberling (SCH_242)

Glacial Shard (UNG_205)

Glow-Tron (BOT_906)

Goblin Bomb (BOT_031)

Goldshire Footman (CS1_042)

Gravelsnout Knight (LOOT_154)

Grim Rally (TRL_249)

Grimscale Chum (CFM_650)

Grimscale Oracle (EX1_508)

Guardian Augmerchant (BT_722)

Gurubashi Chicken (TRL_506)

Gurubashi Offering (TRL_516)

Hack the System (ULD_711)

Hallucination (UNG_856)

Hand of Protection (EX1_371)

Helboar (BT_202)

Helpless Hatchling (TRL_505)

Hidden Wisdom (GIL_903)

Holy Smite (CS1_130)

Hot Air Balloon (DRG_057)

Humility (EX1_360)

Hungry Crab (NEW1_017)

I Know a Guy (CFM_940)

Ice Lance (CS2_031)

Imprisoned Gan'arg (BT_121)

Imprisoned Homunculus (BT_258)

Imprisoned Sungill (BT_009)

Improve Morale (DAL_769)

Infectious Sporeling (BT_731)

Injured Kvaldir (AT_105)

Inner Fire (CS1_129)

Into the Fray (ULD_256)

Intrepid Initiate (SCH_231)

Iron Hide (UNG_923)

Jade Idol (CFM_602)

Jar Dealer (ULD_282)

Jeweled Macaw (UNG_912)

Journey Below (OG_072)

Jungle Giants (UNG_116)

Kabal Lackey (CFM_066)

Kingsbane (LOOT_542)

Kobold Librarian (LOOT_014)

Lab Partner (SCH_310)

Lakkari Sacrifice (UNG_829)

Learn Draconic (DRG_323)

Leeching Poison (ICC_221)

Leper Gnome (EX1_029)

Lesser Jasper Spellstone (LOOT_051)

Light of the Naaru (GVG_012)

Light's Justice (CS2_091)

Lightning Bolt (EX1_238)

Lightwarden (EX1_001)

Living Roots (AT_037)

Lost in the Jungle (UNG_960)

Lowly Squire (AT_082)

Magic Trick (DAL_608)

Making Mummies (ULD_431)

Malchezaar's Imp (KAR_089)

Mana Burn (BT_753)

Mark of the Lotus (CFM_614)

Meanstreet Marshal (CFM_759)

Mecharoo (BOT_445)

Mind Vision (CS2_003)

Mirror Image (CS2_027)

Mistress of Mixtures (CFM_120)

Mogu Cultist (ULD_705)

Molten Blade (UNG_929)

Mortal Coil (EX1_302)

Murloc Raider (CS2_168)

Murloc Tidecaller (EX1_509)

Murmy (ULD_723)

N'Zoth's First Mate (OG_312)

Naturalize (EX1_161)

Nature Studies (SCH_333)

Never Surrender! (DAL_570)

Noble Sacrifice (EX1_130)

Northshire Cleric (CS2_235)

Omega Assembly (BOT_299)

On the Hunt (OG_061)

Open the Waygate (UNG_028)

Overwhelm (SCH_604)

Partner Assignment (SCH_606)

Patches the Pirate (CFM_637)

Pen Flinger (SCH_248)

Pharaoh Cat (ULD_186)

Pilfer (EX1_182)

Pint-Size Potion (CFM_661)

Pit Snake (LOE_010)

Plague of Flames (ULD_717)

Plague of Madness (ULD_715)

Play Dead (ICC_052)

Pogo-Hopper (BOT_283)

Possessed Villager (OG_241)

Potion of Madness (CFM_603)

Potion Vendor (DAL_544)

Power Overwhelming (EX1_316)

Power Word: Glory (AT_013)

Praise Galakrond! (DRG_030)

Primal Fusion (OG_023)

Primordial Studies (SCH_270)

Psionic Probe (LOOT_353)

Psychic Conjurer (EX1_193)

Radiance (EX1_192)

Raid the Sky Temple (ULD_433)

Rain of Fire (DRG_206)

Rapid Fire (DAL_373)

Raptor Hatchling (UNG_914)

Raven Idol (LOE_115)

Ray of Frost (DAL_577)

Redemption (EX1_136)

Reliquary of Souls (BT_197)

Reliquary Seeker (LOE_116)

Renew (BT_252)

Repentance (EX1_379)

Righteous Cause (DRG_008)

Righteous Protector (ICC_038)

Risky Skipper (YOD_022)

Rocket Augmerchant (BT_723)

Runic Egg (KAR_029)

Sacred Trial (LOE_027)

Sand Breath (DRG_233)

Sanguine Reveler (ICC_903)

Saronite Taskmaster (TRL_363)

Savagery (EX1_578)

Scarlet Subjugator (EX1_196)

Secret Passage (SCH_305)

Secret Plan (BOT_402)

Secretkeeper (EX1_080)

Secure the Deck (DRG_317)

Selfless Hero (OG_221)

Serrated Tooth (TRL_074)

Shadow Council (BT_306)

Shadowbomber (GVG_009)

Shadowhoof Slayer (BT_142)

Shield of Honor (SCH_524)

Shield Slam (EX1_410)

Shieldbearer (EX1_405)

Shifter Zerus (OG_123)

Shimmerfly (DAL_587)

Shooting Star (BOT_453)

Shriek (TRL_245)

Sinister Deal (ULD_160)

Sinister Strike (CS2_075)

Sir Finley Mrrgglton (LOE_076)

Skaterbot (BOT_020)

Sky Raider (DRG_024)

Sludge Slurper (DAL_433)

Small-Time Buccaneer (CFM_325)

Smuggler's Crate (CFM_334)

Smuggler's Run (CFM_305)

Soul Infusion (BOT_263)

Soulbound Ashtongue (BT_727)

Soulfire (EX1_308)

Southsea Deckhand (CS2_146)

Sphere of Sapience (SCH_259)

Spirit Bomb (BOT_222)

Spirit Jailer (SCH_700)

Spirit of the Dead (TRL_502)

Spirit of the Raptor (TRL_223)

Spirit of the Rhino (TRL_327)

Springpaw (TRL_348)

Spymistress (BT_701)

Stampede (UNG_916)

Stonetusk Boar (CS2_171)

Storm's Wrath (DRG_215)

Strength in Numbers (DRG_051)

Supreme Archaeology (ULD_140)

Surging Tempest (DRG_216)

Swamp Dragon Egg (GIL_816)

Swamp Leech (GIL_558)

Swashburglar (KAR_069)

Sword and Board (BT_233)

Tentacle of N'Zoth (OG_151)

Test Subject (BOT_558)

The Beast Within (TRL_119)

The Caverns Below (UNG_067)

The Last Kaleidosaur (UNG_954)

The Marsh Queen (UNG_920)

The Soularium (BOT_568)

Timber Wolf (DS1_175)

Togwaggle's Scheme (DAL_010)

Tome of Intellect (EX1_180)

Totemic Smash (TRL_012)

Tour Guide (SCH_312)

Tournament Attendee (AT_097)

Town Crier (GIL_580)

Toxfin (DAL_077)

Toxic Reinforcements (DRG_255)

Tracking (DS1_184)

Treenforcements (DRG_311)

Trueaim Crescent (SCH_279)

Tunnel Trogg (LOE_018)

Twilight Whelp (BRM_004)

Undertaker (FP1_028)

Unite the Murlocs (UNG_942)

Unseal the Vault (ULD_155)

Unstable Evolution (LOOT_504)

Unstable Felbolt (BT_199)

Untapped Potential (ULD_131)

Upgrade! (EX1_409)

Ur'zul Horror (BT_407)

Vilefin Inquisitor (OG_006)

Violet Spellwing (DRG_107)

Voidwalker (CS2_065)

Voltaic Burst (BOT_451)

Voodoo Doctor (EX1_011)

Wand Thief (SCH_350)

Warbot (GVG_051)

Wartbringer (TRL_522)

Wave of Apathy (SCH_250)

Wax Elemental (LOOT_117)

Weasel Tunneler (CFM_095)

Webspinner (FP1_011)

Whirlwind (EX1_400)

Witch's Apprentice (GIL_531)

Witchwood Imp (GIL_608)

Wolpertinger (SCH_133)

Worgen Infiltrator (EX1_010)

Worthy Expedition (ULD_136)

Wretched Tiller (ICC_468)

Young Dragonhawk (CS2_169)

Young Priestess (EX1_004)

Zealous Initiate (OG_158)

Zombie Chow (FP1_001)

A Light in the Darkness (OG_311)

Acidic Swamp Ooze (EX1_066)

Air Raid (YOD_012)

Aldor Attendant (BT_020)

Alexstrasza's Champion (AT_071)

Amani Berserker (EX1_393)

Ambush (BT_707)

Ancestral Knowledge (AT_053)

Ancestral Spirit (CS2_038)

Ancient Mysteries (ULD_726)

Ancient Watcher (EX1_045)

Annoy-o-Tron (GVG_085)

Anodized Robo Cub (GVG_030)

Apexis Smuggler (BT_022)

Arcane Explosion (CS2_025)

Arcane Flakmage (ULD_240)

Arcane Servant (DAL_092)

Arcanologist (UNG_020)

Archmage Arugal (GIL_691)

Argent Braggart (SCH_149)

Argent Lance (AT_077)

Argent Protector (EX1_362)

Argent Watchman (AT_109)

Armorsmith (EX1_402)

Ashtongue Slayer (BT_702)

Astral Rift (BOT_101)

Astromancer Solarian (BT_028)

Auchenai Phantasm (TRL_501)

Baleful Banker (GIL_815)

Bamboozle (BT_042)

Battle Rage (EX1_392)

Bear Trap (AT_060)

Beckoner of Evil (OG_281)

Belligerent Gnome (TRL_514)

Betrayal (EX1_126)

Big Bad Voodoo (TRL_082)

Bilefin Tidehunter (OG_156)

Biteweed (UNG_063)

Blade Dance (BT_354)

Bladed Gauntlet (LOOT_044)

Bloodbloom (UNG_832)

Bloodfen Raptor (CS2_172)

Bloodmage Thalnos (EX1_012)

Bloodsail Howler (TRL_071)

Bloodsail Raider (NEW1_018)

Blowgill Sniper (CFM_647)

Bluegill Warrior (CS2_173)

Bolster (AT_068)

Bomb Toss (BOT_033)

Bonechewer Brawler (BT_715)

Boneguard Lieutenant (AT_089)

Boneweb Egg (SCH_147)

Book of Specters (GIL_548)

Booty Bay Bookie (TRL_504)

Breath of Dreams (DRG_318)

Bring It On! (ICC_837)

Brrrloc (ICC_058)

Bug Collector (ULD_712)

Call Pet (GVG_017)

Captain's Parrot (NEW1_016)

Cat Trick (KAR_004)

Cathedral Gargoyle (GIL_635)

Cavern Shinyfinder (LOOT_033)

Celestial Emissary (BOT_531)

Chaos Strike (BT_035)

Cheap Shot (GIL_506)

Cheat Death (LOOT_204)

Cheaty Anklebiter (TRL_512)

Cleave (CS2_114)

Clever Disguise (ULD_328)

Cloakscale Chemist (BOT_414)

Clutchmother Zavas (UNG_836)

Cold Blood (CS2_073)

Commanding Shout (NEW1_036)

Confuse (AT_016)

Convert (AT_015)

Cornered Sentry (UNG_926)

Corrosive Breath (DRG_006)

Corrupting Mist (UNG_831)

Corsair Cache (BT_124)

Crackle (GVG_038)

Crackling Razormaw (UNG_915)

Cram Session (SCH_353)

Crazed Alchemist (EX1_059)

Cruel Taskmaster (EX1_603)

Crushing Hand (LOOT_060)

Cryostasis (ICC_056)

Crystal Merchant (ULD_133)

Crystalsmith Kangor (BOT_236)

Crystalsong Portal (DAL_352)

Cult Neophyte (SCH_713)

Cult Sorcerer (OG_303)

Curse of Rafaam (LOE_007)

Curse of Weakness (GIL_665)

Cutpurse (AT_031)

Cybertech Chip (BOT_438)

Dalaran Librarian (DAL_735)

Dark Conviction (ICC_039)

Dark Peddler (LOE_023)

Darkbomb (GVG_015)

Darkshire Librarian (OG_109)

Darnassus Aspirant (AT_038)

Dart Trap (LOE_021)

Dead Man's Hand (ICC_091)

Dead Ringer (BOT_509)

Defias Ringleader (EX1_131)

Defile (ICC_041)

Demonfire (EX1_596)

Demonfuse (AT_024)

Demonic Project (BOT_913)

Dendrologist (BOT_419)

Desperate Stand (ICC_244)

Devolve (CFM_696)

Diligent Notetaker (SCH_236)

Dinomancy (UNG_917)

Dire Wolf Alpha (EX1_162)

Dirty Rat (CFM_790)

Dirty Tricks (BT_709)

Divine Hymn (GIL_661)

Divine Spirit (CS2_236)

Doomsayer (NEW1_021)

Dozing Marksman (TRL_406)

Dragon Breeder (DRG_070)

Dragon Roar (TRL_362)

Dragonmaw Sentinel (BT_262)

Drain Soul (ICC_055)

Dreamway Guardians (DAL_733)

Druid of the Saber (AT_042)

Druid of the Swarm (ICC_051)

Drygulch Jailor (LOOT_363)

Drywhisker Armorer (LOOT_367)

Duskboar (OG_326)

Dwarven Archaeologist (ULD_309)

Earthen Might (GIL_586)

Echoing Ooze (FP1_003)

Elementary Reaction (BOT_093)

Embrace the Shadow (OG_104)

Envoy of Lazul (DRG_306)

Eternal Sentinel (OG_026)

Evasion (LOOT_214)

Evasive Chimaera (DRG_066)

EVIL Cable Rat (DAL_400)

EVIL Conscripter (DAL_413)

EVIL Genius (DAL_606)

EVIL Totem (ULD_276)

Eviscerate (EX1_124)

Execute (CS2_108)

Expired Merchant (ULD_163)

Explore Un'Goro (UNG_922)

Explorer's Hat (LOE_105)

Explosive Evolution (YOD_020)

Explosive Sheep (GVG_076)

Explosive Trap (EX1_610)

Faerie Dragon (NEW1_023)

Fallen Hero (AT_003)

Fallen Sun Cleric (ICC_094)

Feast of Souls (BT_427)

Feign Death (GVG_026)

Felstalker (EX1_306)

Fire Plume Harbinger (UNG_202)

Firetree Witchdoctor (TRL_523)

Fireworks Tech (BOT_038)

Fishflinger (ULD_289)

Flame Geyser (UNG_018)

Flame Juggler (AT_094)

Flamecannon (GVG_001)

Flare (EX1_544)

Flash of Light (TRL_307)

Forge of Souls (ICC_281)

Freezing Trap (EX1_611)

Fresh Scent (YOD_005)

Friendly Bartender (CFM_654)

Frightened Flunky (ULD_195)

Frostbolt (CS2_024)

Frostwolf Grunt (CS2_121)

Fungal Fortunes (BT_128)

Furious Felfin (BT_496)

Gadgetzan Ferryman (CFM_693)

Gadgetzan Socialite (CFM_659)

Galvanizer (BOT_907)

Gang Up (BRM_007)

Garrison Commander (AT_080)

Ghost Light Angler (GIL_678)

Gilblin Stalker (GVG_081)

Glaivezooka (GVG_043)

Gnomeferatu (ICC_407)

Goblin Auto-Barber (GVG_023)

Goblin Prank (BOT_437)

Golakka Crawler (UNG_807)

Grandmummy (ULD_266)

Grievous Bite (UNG_910)

Grimestreet Informant (CFM_321)

Grimestreet Outfitter (CFM_753)

Grizzled Wizard (DRG_401)

Hand of A'dal (BT_292)

Haunted Creeper (FP1_002)

Headhunter's Hatchet (TRL_111)

Hench-Clan Hogsteed (DAL_743)

Heroic Strike (CS2_105)

Hidden Cache (CFM_026)

Hobart Grapplehammer (CFM_643)

Holy Light (CS2_089)

Holy Ripple (ULD_272)

Huge Toad (LOE_046)

Hunter's Mark (CS2_084)

Hunting Mastiff (GIL_607t)

Hydrologist (UNG_011)

Ice Fishing (ICC_089)

Ice Walker (ICC_068)

Icicle (EX1_179)

Immolation Aura (BT_514)

Immortal Prelate (TRL_306)

Imprisoned Felmaw (BT_211)

Imprisoned Scrap Imp (BT_305)

Imprisoned Vilefiend (BT_156)

In Formation! (SCH_525)

Incanter's Flow (BT_002)

Injured Tol'vir (ULD_271)

Invocation of Frost (DRG_248)

Ironbark (BT_132)

Jade Claws (CFM_717)

Jade Shuriken (CFM_690)

Jade Swarmer (CFM_691)

Jeweled Scarab (LOE_029)

Kanrethad Ebonlocke (BT_309)

Keeper Stalladris (DAL_732)

Khadgar (DAL_575)

Kindly Grandmother (KAR_005)

King's Elekk (AT_058)

Knife Juggler (NEW1_019)

Kobold Geomancer (CS2_142)

Kobold Hermit (LOOT_062)

Kobold Sandtrooper (ULD_184)

Kul Tiran Chaplain (EX1_195)

Lab Recruiter (BOT_288)

Lance Carrier (AT_084)

Lava Shock (BRM_011)

Lesser Pearl Spellstone (LOOT_091)

Lesser Ruby Spellstone (LOOT_103)

Libram of Wisdom (BT_025)

Licensed Adventurer (YOD_030)

Lightforged Blessing (DAL_568)

Lightwell (EX1_341)

Likkim (TRL_352)

Lock and Load (AT_061)

Loot Hoarder (EX1_096)

Lorewalker Cho (EX1_100)

Lost Spirit (GIL_513)

Mad Bomber (EX1_082)

Mad Scientist (FP1_004)

Maelstrom Portal (KAR_073)

Magic Dart Frog (DAL_182)

Mana Addict (EX1_055)

Mana Cyclone (DAL_603)

Mana Geode (CFM_606)

Mana Reservoir (DAL_748)

Mana Wraith (EX1_616)

Mana Wyrm (NEW1_012)

Manafeeder Panthara (SCH_283)

Mark of the Wild (CS2_009)

Mark of Y'Shaarj (OG_048)

Master Swordsmith (NEW1_037)

Mechwarper (GVG_006)

Medivh's Valet (KAR_092)

Menacing Nimbus (BOT_533)

Micro Machine (GVG_103)

Micro Mummy (ULD_217)

Millhouse Manastorm (NEW1_029)

Mind Blast (DS1_233)

Mindrender Illucia (SCH_159)

Misdirection (EX1_533)

Mo'arg Artificer (BT_733)

Murgur Murgurgle (BT_019)

Murkspark Eel (GIL_530)

Murloc Tidehunter (EX1_506)

Murmuring Elemental (LOOT_517)

Museum Curator (LOE_006)

Mysterious Blade (DAL_571)

Nat Pagle (EX1_557)

Nat, the Darkfisher (OG_338)

Neferset Ritualist (ULD_196)

Nerub'ar Weblord (FP1_017)

Nerubian Egg (FP1_007)

Nether Breath (DRG_205)

Netherspite Historian (KAR_062)

Netherwalker (BT_321)

Novice Engineer (EX1_015)

Omega Mind (BOT_543)

One-eyed Cheat (GVG_025)

Pack Tactics (BT_203)

Parachute Brigand (DRG_056)

Patient Assassin (EX1_522)

Penance (ULD_714)

Phase Stalker (DRG_252)

Pick Pocket (GIL_696)

Pint-Sized Summoner (EX1_076)

Plagiarize (SCH_706)

Plated Beetle (LOOT_413)

Plot Twist (DAL_602)

Pompous Thespian (KAR_011)

Potion of Heroism (LOOT_088)

Power of the Wild (EX1_160)

Power Word: Feast (SCH_136)

Pressure Plate (ULD_152)

Primalfin Champion (UNG_953)

Primalfin Totem (UNG_201)

Primordial Glyph (UNG_941)

Prince Keleseth (ICC_851)

Public Defender (CFM_300)

Puddlestomper (GVG_064)

Purify (KAR_013)

Pyros (UNG_027)

Queen of Pain (GVG_018)

Questing Explorer (ULD_157)

Quick Shot (BRM_013)

Quicksand Elemental (ULD_197)

Radiant Elemental (UNG_034)

Rampage (CS2_104)

Rat Trap (GIL_577)

Ravasaur Runt (UNG_009)

Raven Familiar (LOOT_170)

Razorpetal Lasher (UNG_058)

Razorpetal Volley (UNG_057)

Rebuke (GIL_203)

Recombobulator (GVG_108)

Redband Wasp (GIL_155)

Reincarnate (FP1_025)

Renounce Darkness (OG_118)

Research Project (BOT_600)

Resurrect (BRM_017)

Revenge (BRM_015)

Revenge of the Wild (TRL_566)

Rising Winds (YOD_001)

Ritual Chopper (DRG_021)

River Crocolisk (CS2_120)

Rockbiter Weapon (CS2_045)

Rocket Boots (BOT_067)

Rockpool Hunter (UNG_073)

Roll the Bones (ICC_201)

Rune Dagger (SCH_301)

Rustsworn Initiate (BT_008)

Sanctuary (DRG_258)

Sandstorm Elemental (ULD_158)

Sandwasp Queen (ULD_439)

Sap (EX1_581)

Savage Striker (TRL_240)

Scarab Egg (TRL_503)

Scavenger's Ingenuity (BT_213)

Scavenging Hyena (EX1_531)

Scorp-o-matic (LOOT_111)

Seal of Light (GVG_057)

Seance (TRL_097)

Serpent Egg (ULD_174)

Serpent Ward (TRL_057)

Sethekk Veilweaver (BT_254)

Shadow Ascendant (ICC_210)

Shadow Visions (UNG_029)

Shadow Word: Death (EX1_622)

Shadow Word: Pain (CS2_234)

Shadowboxer (GVG_072)

Shadowjeweler Hanar (BT_188)

Shadowy Figure (DAL_030)

Sharkfin Fan (TRL_507)

Shatter (OG_081)

Shieldbreaker (TRL_524)

Shielded Minibot (GVG_058)

Shimmering Tempest (UNG_846)

Ship's Cannon (GVG_075)

Shiv (EX1_278)

Shotbot (YOD_010)

Shrinkmeister (GVG_011)

Shrubadier (DRG_312)

Sightless Watcher (BT_323)

Sir Finley of the Sands (ULD_500)

Skyvateer (YOD_016)

Slam (EX1_391)

Sleep with the Fishes (CFM_716)

Snake Trap (EX1_554)

Snap Freeze (GIL_801)

Sneaky Delinquent (SCH_708)

Snipe (EX1_609)

Snowchugger (GVG_002)

Sorcerer's Apprentice (EX1_608)

Soul of the Murloc (DAL_710)

Soul Shear (SCH_701)

Sound the Bells! (GIL_145)

Soup Vendor (TRL_570)

Spark Engine (BOT_538)

Sparring Partner (AT_069)

Spectral Sight (BT_491)

Spellbook Binder (DAL_089)

Spellshifter (GIL_529)

Spellzerker (TRL_312)

Spirit Claws (KAR_063)

Spirit Lash (ICC_802)

Spirit of the Bat (TRL_251)

Spirit of the Dragonhawk (TRL_319)

Spitting Camel (ULD_182)

Squashling (GIL_835)

Starscryer (BT_014)

Steamwheedle Sniper (GVG_087)

Steel Beetle (YOD_040)

Stolen Goods (CFM_752)

Stolen Steel (TRL_156)

Stonesplinter Trogg (GVG_067)

Stormcrack (OG_206)

Stormforged Axe (EX1_247)

Stubborn Gastropod (UNG_808)

Subdue (ULD_728)

Sudden Betrayal (LOOT_210)

Sunfury Protector (EX1_058)

Sunreaver Spy (DAL_086)

Sweeping Strikes (DAL_062)

Tainted Zealot (ICC_913)

Tasty Flyfish (DRG_049)

Temple Berserker (ULD_185)

Thoughtsteal (EX1_339)

Tiny Knight of Evil (AT_021)

Tortollan Forager (UNG_078)

Totem Golem (AT_052)

Toxic Arrow (ICC_049)

Toxicologist (BOT_083)

Transfer Student (SCH_199)

Transmogrifier (DRG_092)

Trick Totem (SCH_537)

Trogg Beastrager (CFM_338)

Tuskarr Fisherman (ICC_093)

Twilight Geomancer (OG_284)

Twisted Knowledge (YOD_025)

Twisted Worgen (OG_247)

Umberwing (BT_922)

Underbelly Angler (DAL_049)

Underbelly Fence (DAL_714)

Undercity Huckster (OG_330)

Undercity Valiant (AT_030)

Unpowered Mauler (BOT_098)

Unstable Ghoul (FP1_024)

Unstable Portal (GVG_003)

Upgradeable Framebot (BOT_309)

Venomizer (BOT_035)

Venomstrike Trap (ICC_200)

Vicious Scalehide (GIL_143)

Vicious Scraphound (DAL_759)

Vilefiend (ULD_450)

Violet Haze (BOT_084)

Vitality Totem (GVG_039)

Void Analyst (BOT_443)

Volatile Elemental (UNG_818)

Voracious Reader (SCH_142)

Vulgar Homunculus (LOOT_013)

Wandering Monster (LOOT_079)

Wandmaker (SCH_160)

Warpath (GIL_654)

Waterboy (TRL_407)

Waxmancy (YOD_018)

Weapons Project (BOT_042)

Whirliglider (BOT_431)

Whirling Zap-o-matic (GVG_037)

Whirlkick Master (ULD_231)

Wild Pyromancer (NEW1_020)

Windfury (CS2_039)

Witch's Brew (DAL_432)

Witchwood Apple (GIL_663)

Woodcutter's Axe (GIL_653)

Wrath (EX1_154)

Wrathguard (AT_026)

Wyrmrest Agent (AT_116)

Wyrmrest Purifier (DRG_062)

Youthful Brewmaster (EX1_049)

Zayle, Shadow Cloak (DAL_800)

Zephrys the Great (ULD_003)

Ace Hunter Kreen (SCH_538)

Acolyte of Agony (ICC_212)

Acolyte of Pain (EX1_007)

Addled Grizzly (OG_313)

Akama (BT_713)

Alarm-o-Bot (EX1_006)

Aldor Peacekeeper (EX1_382)

Aldrachi Warblades (BT_921)

Altruis the Outcast (BT_937)

Am'gam Rager (OG_248)

Ancharrr (DRG_025)

Animal Companion (NEW1_031)

Apotheosis (BT_257)

Arcane Amplifier (YOD_008)

Arcane Golem (EX1_089)

Arcane Intellect (CS2_023)

Arcane Watcher (DAL_434)

Archspore Msshi'fn (BT_136)

Argent Horserider (AT_087)

Auctionmaster Beardo (CFM_807)

Augmented Elekk (BOT_559)

Augmented Porcupine (BT_201)

Awaken! (DRG_249)

Backstreet Leper (CFM_646)

Bad Luck Albatross (DRG_071)

Banana Buffoon (TRL_509)

Bash (AT_064)

Bearshark (ICC_419)

BEEEES!!! (ULD_134)

Beneath the Grounds (AT_035)

Benevolent Djinn (LOOT_398)

Black Cat (GIL_838)

Blackwald Pixie (GIL_561)

Blackwing Technician (BRM_033)

Bladestorm (BT_117)

Blessing of the Ancients (DAL_351)

Blink Fox (GIL_827)

Blistering Rot (BT_721)

Bloated Python (SCH_340)

Blood Knight (EX1_590)

Blood Warriors (OG_276)

Bloodfury Potion (CFM_611)

Bloodsail Cultist (OG_315)

Bloodscalp Strategist (TRL_349)

Bloodsworn Mercenary (ULD_720)

Blowtorch Saboteur (DRG_403)

Blubber Baron (CFM_064)

Bog Slosher (TRL_059)

Bogbeam (BT_134)

Bogstrok Clacker (BT_106)

Boisterous Bard (LOOT_152)

Bomb Wrangler (YOD_024)

Bonechewer Raider (BT_140)

Bouncing Blade (GVG_050)

Brainstormer (BOT_413)

Brann Bronzebeard (LOE_077)

Breath of the Infinite (DRG_307)

Brightwing (EX1_189)

Bronze Explorer (DRG_229)

Bronze Gatekeeper (BOT_021)

Bronze Herald (DAL_146)

Bulwark of Azzinoth (BT_781)

Burgle (AT_033)

Call to Adventure (DAL_727)

Candletaker (ULD_205)

Carrion Grub (OG_325)

Cave Hydra (LOOT_078)

Celestial Dreamer (CFM_617)

Ceremonial Maul (SCH_523)

Chaos Gazer (YOD_027)

Chenvaala (DRG_104)

Chittering Tunneler (UNG_835)

Chopshop Copter (YOD_004)

Cinderstorm (GIL_147)

Cloaked Huntress (KAR_006)

Clockwork Goblin (DAL_060)

Coerce (SCH_521)

Coghammer (GVG_059)

Cogmaster's Wrench (GVG_024)

Coldlight Oracle (EX1_050)

Coldlight Seer (EX1_103)

Coldwraith (ICC_252)

Coliseum Manager (AT_110)

Combustion (SCH_348)

Commander Rhyssa (DAL_573)

Coordinated Strike (BT_036)

Counterspell (EX1_287)

Crypt Lord (ICC_808)

Curious Glimmerroot (UNG_035)

Cutthroat Buccaneer (GIL_902)

Dalaran Mage (EX1_582)

Dancing Swords (FP1_029)

Dark Cultist (FP1_023)

Dark Prophecy (YOD_015)

Dark Skies (DRG_204)

Darkglare (BT_307)

Darkshire Councilman (OG_113)

Deadly Fork (KAR_094)

Deadly Shot (EX1_617)

Deathlord (FP1_009)

Deathspeaker (ICC_467)

Demolisher (EX1_102)

Demonwrath (BRM_005)

Desert Camel (LOE_020)

Desert Hare (ULD_719)

Desert Spear (ULD_430)

Devilsaur Egg (UNG_083)

Disciple of C'Thun (OG_162)

Divine Favor (EX1_349)

Diving Gryphon (DRG_010)

Doomed Apprentice (ICC_083)

Doubling Imp (BOT_224)

Dragon Soul (LOOT_209)

Dragonblight Cultist (DRG_202)

Dragonhawk Rider (AT_083)

Dragonmaw Overseer (BT_256)

Dragonrider Talritha (DRG_235)

Dragonslayer (LOOT_132)

Drain Life (CS2_061)

Drakkari Defender (ICC_081)

Drakkari Enchanter (ICC_901)

Drakkari Trickster (TRL_527)

Dread Raven (DRG_088)

Dreadscale (AT_063t)

Druid of the Flame (BRM_010)

Druid of the Scythe (GIL_188)

Dune Sculptor (ULD_329)

Duplicate (FP1_018)

Duskbat (GIL_508)

Duskhaven Hunter (GIL_200)

Eaglehorn Bow (EX1_536)

Earthen Ring Farseer (CS2_117)

Educated Elekk (SCH_714)

Edwin VanCleef (EX1_613)

Effigy (AT_002)

Eggnapper (UNG_076)

Elder Longneck (UNG_109)

Electra Stormsurge (BOT_411)

Electrowright (BOT_550)

Elemental Destruction (AT_051)

Emperor Cobra (EX1_170)

Enchanted Cauldron (SCH_157)

Envenom Weapon (UNG_823)

EVIL Miscreant (DAL_415)

EVIL Quartermaster (DRG_020)

EVIL Recruiter (ULD_162)

Explosive Runes (LOOT_101)

Extra Arms (BOT_219)

Eydis Darkbane (AT_131)

Eye Beam (BT_801)

Face Collector (GIL_677)

Faceless Rager (DAL_744)

Fan of Knives (EX1_129)

Far Sight (CS2_053)

Fel Orc Soulfiend (CFM_609)

Felguard (EX1_301)

Fencing Coach (AT_115)

Feral Rage (OG_047)

Feral Spirit (EX1_248)

Ferocious Howl (GIL_637)

Fierce Monkey (LOE_022)

Fiery War Axe (CS2_106)

Fire Hawk (DRG_060)

Firebrand (SCH_241)

Fjola Lightbane (AT_129)

Flame Ward (ULD_239)

Flametongue Totem (EX1_565)

Flamewaker (BRM_002)

Flesheating Ghoul (tt_004)

Flight Master (DAL_747)

Flying Machine (GVG_084)

Forgotten Torch (LOE_002)

Forlorn Stalker (OG_292)

Frost Nova (CS2_026)

Frothing Berserker (EX1_604)

Frozen Clone (ICC_082)

Frozen Shadoweaver (BT_714)

Fungal Enchanter (LOOT_388)

Generous Mummy (ULD_214)

Giant Wasp (UNG_814)

Gift of Luminance (SCH_302)

Gilded Gargoyle (LOOT_534)

Gluttonous Ooze (UNG_946)

Gnash (ICC_079)

Gnomeregan Infantry (GVG_098)

Gnomish Experimenter (GVG_092)

Goblin Sapper (GVG_095)

Goboglide Tech (DRG_059)

Golden Scarab (ULD_188)

Goody Two-Shields (SCH_532)

Greedy Sprite (LOOT_351)

Greyheart Sage (BT_710)

Grimestreet Pawnbroker (CFM_755)

Grimestreet Smuggler (CFM_853)

Grove Tender (GVG_032)

Happy Ghoul (ICC_700)

Harvest Golem (EX1_556)

Haunting Visions (TRL_058)

Headcrack (EX1_137)

Healing Rain (LOOT_373)

Healing Touch (CS2_007)

Healing Wave (AT_048)

Hench-Clan Sneak (DAL_090)

Hench-Clan Thug (GIL_534)

High Priest Thekal (TRL_308)

Hired Gun (CFM_653)

History Buff (ULD_290)

Hobgoblin (GVG_104)

Hooked Scimitar (ULD_285)

Hot Spring Guardian (UNG_938)

Howlfiend (ICC_218)

Howling Commander (ICC_801)

Humongous Razorleaf (UNG_844)

Hunter's Pack (ULD_429)

Hyldnir Frostrider (ICC_855)

Ice Barrier (EX1_289)

Ice Block (EX1_295)

Ice Breaker (ICC_236)

Ice Rager (AT_092)

Igneous Elemental (UNG_845)

Illuminator (GVG_089)

Imp Gang Boss (BRM_006)

Imp Master (EX1_597)

Impferno (DAL_605)

Imprisoned Observer (BT_004)

Imprisoned Satyr (BT_127)

Infest (OG_045)

Infested Goblin (ULD_250)

Injured Blademaster (CS2_181)

Instructor Fireheart (SCH_507)

Iron Sensei (GVG_027)

Ironbeak Owl (CS2_203)

Ironforge Rifleman (CS2_141)

Ironfur Grizzly (CS2_125)

Jade Blossom (CFM_713)

Jungle Panther (EX1_017)

Kabal Courier (CFM_649)

Kabal Talonpriest (CFM_626)

Kaboom Bot (BOT_606)

Kill Command (EX1_539)

King Mukla (EX1_014)

King's Defender (AT_065)

Kirin Tor Mage (EX1_612)

Kobold Apprentice (LOOT_347)

Kobold Barbarian (LOOT_041)

Lady Vashj (BT_109)

Landscaping (BOT_420)

Lava Burst (EX1_241)

Lifeweaver (DAL_355)

Light's Champion (AT_106)

Lightning Breath (DRG_219)

Lightning Storm (EX1_259)

Lil' Exorcist (GVG_097)

Livewire Lance (ULD_708)

Living Dragonbreath (DRG_068)

Lone Champion (LOOT_124)

Lord Barov (SCH_526)

Madame Lazul (DAL_729)

Magehunter (SCH_276)

Magic Carpet (DAL_773)

Magma Rager (CS2_118)

Mana Bind (UNG_024)

Mana Tide Totem (EX1_575)

Manic Soulcaster (CFM_660)

Mark of Nature (EX1_155)

Marsh Drake (GIL_683)

Marshspawn (BT_115)

Masked Contender (TRL_530)

Master of Ceremonies (AT_117)

Master's Call (TRL_339)

Messenger Raven (DAL_163)

Metaltooth Leaper (GVG_048)

Microtech Controller (BOT_535)

Mimic Pod (UNG_060)

Mind Control Tech (EX1_085)

Mindbreaker (ICC_902)

Mindflayer Kaahrj (DRG_308)

Mirage Caller (UNG_022)

Mirror Entity (EX1_294)

Mischief Maker (ULD_229)

Molten Blast (SCH_271)

Moroes (KAR_044)

Mountainfire Armor (ICC_062)

Mounted Raptor (LOE_050)

Mulch (AT_044)

Murloc Warleader (EX1_507)

Muster for Battle (GVG_061)

Necrium Blade (BOT_286)

Neferset Thrasher (ULD_161)

Nethersoul Buster (BOT_226)

Netherwind Portal (BT_003)

Nightbane Templar (KAR_010)

Nightmare Amalgam (GIL_681)

Nine Lives (DAL_377)

Ogre Brute (GVG_065)

Ogre Warmaul (GVG_054)

Omega Medic (BOT_216)

Orgrimmar Aspirant (AT_066)

Ornery Tortoise (TRL_546)

Overconfident Orc (BT_730)

Overlord's Whip (TRL_360)

Pantry Spider (KAR_030a)

Paragon of Light (GIL_685)

Perdition's Blade (EX1_133)

Phantom Militia (GIL_207)

Pilfered Power (CFM_616)

Plague of Murlocs (ULD_172)

Plague Scientist (ICC_809)

Playmaker (SCH_317)

Polymorph: Boar (AT_005)

Potion of Polymorph (CFM_620)

Powermace (GVG_036)

Powershot (AT_056)

Primal Talismans (LOOT_344)

Primalfin Lookout (UNG_937)

Primordial Explorer (DRG_254)

Prince Taldaram (ICC_852)

Professor Slate (SCH_539)

Protect the King! (KAR_026)

Pterrordax Hatchling (UNG_001)

Pumpkin Peasant (GIL_201)

Pyromaniac (TRL_315)

Questing Adventurer (EX1_044)

Rabid Worgen (GIL_113)

Rafaam's Scheme (DAL_007)

Raging Worgen (EX1_412)

Raid Leader (CS2_122)

Raiding Party (TRL_124)

Rallying Blade (OG_222)

Ramkahen Wildtamer (ULD_151)

Ramming Speed (DRG_022)

Rat Pack (CFM_316)

Ratcatcher (GIL_515)

Ravaging Ghoul (OG_149)

Ravencaller (GIL_212)

Razorfen Hunter (CS2_196)

Reckless Diretroll (TRL_551)

Reckless Flurry (LOOT_364)

Robes of Protection (SCH_146)

Rummaging Kobold (LOOT_389)

Saboteur (AT_086)

Salhet's Pride (ULD_438)

Sand Drudge (TRL_131)

Satyr Overseer (BT_352)

Savage Roar (CS2_011)

Scalerider (DRG_081)

Scarlet Crusader (EX1_020)

Scarlet Purifier (GVG_101)

School Spirits (SCH_307)

Seal Fate (DRG_247)

Seal of Champions (AT_074)

Self-Sharpening Sword (SCH_622)

Sense Demons (EX1_317)

Sergeant Sally (CFM_341)

Serpentshrine Portal (BT_100)

Sewer Crawler (LOOT_069)

Shade of Naxxramas (FP1_005)

Shadow Bolt (CS2_057)

Shadow Madness (EX1_334)

Shadow Rager (CFM_636)

Shadow Strike (OG_176)

Shadowblade (ICC_850)

Shadowfiend (AT_014)

Shadowform (EX1_625)

Shadowlight Scholar (SCH_517)

Shady Dealer (AT_032)

Shaku, the Collector (CFM_781)

Shaky Zipgunner (CFM_336)

Shallow Gravedigger (ICC_702)

Shan'do Wildclaw (SCH_607)

Shardshatter Mystic (SCH_355)

Shattered Sun Cleric (EX1_019)

Shield Block (EX1_606)

Shrieking Shroom (LOOT_394)

SI:7 Agent (EX1_134)

Silent Knight (AT_095)

Silithid Swarmer (OG_034)

Silver Hand Regent (AT_100)

Silverback Patriarch (CS2_127)

Silverware Golem (KAR_205)

Simulacrum (ICC_823)

Sky Claw (DRG_225)

Skybarge (DRG_023)

Skydiving Instructor (YOD_028)

Small-Time Recruits (CFM_905)

Smolderthorn Lancer (TRL_326)

SN1P-SN4P (BOT_700)

Sonya Shadowdancer (LOOT_165)

Soot Spewer (GVG_123)

Soul Cleave (BT_740)

Southsea Captain (NEW1_027)

Spawn of N'Zoth (OG_256)

Speaker Gidra (SCH_182)

Spellbender (tt_010)

Spellslinger (AT_007)

Spellward Jeweler (DAL_081)

Spider Bomb (BOT_251)

Spider Tank (GVG_044)

Spirit Echo (UNG_956)

Spirit of the Frog (TRL_060)

Spirit of the Lynx (TRL_901)

Splitting Image (TRL_400)

Spreading Madness (OG_116)

Spring Rocket (BOT_308)

Squirming Tentacle (OG_327)

Stablemaster (AT_057)

Stargazer Luna (BOT_103)

Steward of Darkshire (OG_310)

Stitched Tracker (ICC_415)

Stonehill Defender (UNG_072)

Stoneskin Basilisk (LOOT_125)

Stoneskin Gargoyle (FP1_027)

Stormhammer (DRG_007)

Street Trickster (CFM_039)

Surrender to Madness (TRL_500)

Sword of Justice (EX1_366)

Tanglefur Mystic (GIL_213)

Tar Creeper (UNG_928)

Tauren Warrior (EX1_390)

Teron Gorefiend (BT_126)

Terrorguard Escapee (BT_159)

Terrorscale Stalker (UNG_800)

Thrallmar Farseer (EX1_021)

Thunder Lizard (UNG_082)

Time Out! (TRL_302)

Tinkertown Technician (GVG_102)

Tinkmaster Overspark (EX1_083)

Toothy Chest (LOOT_134)

Totemic Reflection (BT_113)

Toxic Sewer Ooze (CFM_655)

Treachery (ICC_206)

Tuskarr Totemic (AT_046)

Twilight Acolyte (LOOT_528)

Twilight Elder (OG_286)

Twilight Flamecaller (OG_083)

Twilight's Call (LOOT_187)

Unbound Elemental (EX1_258)

Underlight Angling Rod (BT_018)

Unearthed Raptor (LOE_019)

Unexpected Results (BOT_254)

Unidentified Elixir (LOOT_278)

Unidentified Maul (LOOT_286)

Unleash the Hounds (EX1_538)

Unlicensed Apothecary (CFM_900)

Untamed Beastmaster (TRL_405)

Unwilling Sacrifice (ICC_469)

Ursatron (DAL_604)

Val'kyr Soulclaimer (ICC_408)

Vaporize (EX1_594)

Velen's Chosen (GVG_010)

Vicious Fledgling (UNG_075)

Violet Illusionist (KAR_712)

Vivid Nightmare (GIL_813)

Void Ripper (LOOT_529)

Void Terror (EX1_304)

Volcanic Potion (CFM_065)

Voodoo Doll (GIL_614)

Vryghoul (ICC_067)

Vulpera Scoundrel (ULD_209)

Vulpera Toxinblade (SCH_519)

Walnut Sprite (GIL_680)

Wardruid Loti (TRL_343)

Warhorse Trainer (AT_075)

Warmaul Challenger (BT_120)

Warsong Commander (EX1_084)

Weaponized Wasp (ULD_170)

Wickerflame Burnbristle (CFM_815)

Wild Growth (CS2_013)

Witch's Cauldron (GIL_819)

Witching Hour (GIL_571)

Wolfrider (CS2_124)

Wrathscale Naga (BT_355)

Wretched Reclaimer (ULD_269)

Zentimo (TRL_085)

Zixor, Apex Predator (BT_210)

Zola the Gorgon (LOOT_516)

Zoobot (KAR_095)

Aberrant Berserker (OG_150)

Academic Espionage (BOT_087)

Ancestor's Call (GVG_029)

Ancestral Guardian (ULD_207)

Ancient Brewmaster (EX1_057)

Ancient Mage (EX1_584)

Ancient Shade (LOE_110)

Animated Armor (LOE_119)

Annoy-o-Module (BOT_911)

Anub'ar Ambusher (FP1_026)

Arathi Weaponsmith (EX1_398)

Arcane Fletcher (DAL_372)

Arcane Keysmith (GIL_116)

Arcane Nullifier X-21 (GVG_091)

Arcanosmith (KAR_710)

Archmage Vargoth (DAL_558)

Arena Fanatic (TRL_517)

Arena Treasure Chest (TRL_525)

Arfus (ICC_854)

Armored Warhorse (AT_108)

Arrogant Crusader (ICC_034)

Ashtongue Battlelord (BT_423)

Astral Communion (AT_043)

Astral Tiger (LOOT_056)

Auchenai Soulpriest (EX1_591)

Avalanche (ICC_078)

Axe Flinger (BRM_016)

Azure Explorer (DRG_102)

Backroom Bouncer (CFM_658)

Baron Rivendare (FP1_031)

Bellringer Sentry (GIL_634)

Bite (EX1_570)

Blackwater Pirate (OG_322)

Blade Flurry (CS2_233)

Blastcrystal Potion (CFM_608)

Blessing of Kings (CS2_092)

Blightnozzle Crawler (BOT_565)

Blood Razor (ICC_064)

Blood Witch (GIL_693)

Bloodhoof Brave (OG_218)

Body Wrapper (ULD_727)

Bone Wraith (ULD_275)

Branching Paths (LOOT_054)

Brass Knuckles (CFM_631)

Bright-Eyed Scout (UNG_113)

Brittlebone Destroyer (SCH_513)

Burly Rockjaw Trogg (GVG_068)

Burrowing Scorpid (BT_717)

C'Thun's Chosen (OG_283)

Cabal Acolyte (SCH_120)

Call in the Finishers (CFM_310)

Cataclysm (LOOT_417)

Charged Hammer (AT_050)

Chillblade Champion (ICC_820)

Chillwind Yeti (CS2_182)

Cone of Cold (EX1_275)

Conjured Mirage (ULD_198)

Conjurer's Calling (DAL_177)

Consecration (CS2_093)

Coppertail Imposter (BOT_562)

Core Rager (BRM_014)

Corpsetaker (ICC_912)

Cosmic Anomaly (BOT_604)

Crimson Hothead (SCH_232)

Crowd Favorite (AT_121)

Crystalweaver (CFM_610)

Cult Master (EX1_595)

Cursed Disciple (LOOT_233)

Cyclopian Horror (OG_337)

Dalaran Aspirant (AT_006)

Daring Reporter (CFM_851)

Dark Iron Dwarf (EX1_046)

Death's Bite (FP1_021)

Deathaxe Punisher (ICC_810)

Defender of Argus (EX1_093)

Demented Frostcaller (OG_085)

Devoted Maniac (DRG_050)

Dire Frenzy (GIL_828)

Disciplinarian Gandling (SCH_126)

Diseased Vulture (ULD_167)

Disguised Wanderer (BT_728)

Dispatch Kodo (CFM_335)

Divine Rager (SCH_143)

Dr. Boom's Scheme (DAL_008)

Draenei Totemcarver (AT_047)

Dragonbane (DRG_256)

Dragonkin Sorcerer (BRM_020)

Dragonling Mechanic (EX1_025)

Dragonmaw Poacher (DRG_063)

Dread Corsair (NEW1_022)

Dreadsteed (AT_019)

Dunemaul Shaman (GVG_066)

Duskbreaker (LOOT_410)

Eager Underling (DAL_563)

Eater of Secrets (OG_254)

Ebon Dragonsmith (LOOT_118)

Echo of Medivh (GVG_005)

Eerie Statue (LOE_107)

Elise Starseeker (LOE_079)

Elven Minstrel (LOOT_211)

Enhance-o Mechano (GVG_107)

Equality (EX1_619)

Escaped Manasaber (YOD_006)

Eternal Servitude (ICC_213)

Ethereal Arcanist (EX1_274)

Evasive Feywing (DRG_073)

Evil Heckler (AT_114)

Evolved Kobold (OG_082)

Evolving Spores (UNG_103)

Explodinator (BOT_532)

Exploding Bloatbat (ICC_021)

Faceless Shambler (OG_174)

Fal'dorei Strider (LOOT_026)

Fandral Staghelm (OG_044)

Fate Weaver (DRG_300)

Fel Cannon (GVG_020)

Felfin Navigator (BT_010)

Felsoul Inquisitor (GIL_527)

Fiendish Circle (GIL_191)

Fiendish Rites (DRG_250)

Fire Plume Phoenix (UNG_084)

Fireball (CS2_029)

Fireguard Destroyer (BRM_012)

Fishy Flyer (SCH_707)

Fist of Jaraxxus (AT_022)

Flamewreathed Faceless (OG_024)

Flanking Strike (LOOT_077)

Flobbidinous Floop (BOT_434)

Forest Guide (GIL_833)

Frenzied Felwing (YOD_032)

Frigid Snobold (AT_093)

Frizz Kindleroost (DRG_257)

Garden Gnome (ULD_137)

Gentle Megasaur (UNG_089)

Genzo, the Shark (CFM_808)

Germination (BT_129)

Ghastly Conjurer (ICC_069)

Glide (SCH_356)

Gnomish Inventor (CS2_147)

Goblin Blastmage (GVG_004)

Gorillabot A-3 (LOE_039)

Gormok the Impaler (AT_122)

Grand Lackey Erkh (YOD_035)

Grave Rune (DRG_302)

Grave Shambler (ICC_097)

Greater Healing Potion (CFM_604)

Griftah (TRL_096)

Grim Necromancer (ICC_026)

Grimy Gadgeteer (CFM_754)

Groundskeeper (SCH_613)

Half-Time Scavenger (TRL_010)

Hammer of Wrath (CS2_094)

Harbinger Celestia (BOT_555)

Hecklebot (DAL_058)

Hellfire (CS2_062)

Hench-Clan Burglar (DAL_416)

Hench-Clan Hag (DAL_087)

Hench-Clan Shadequill (DAL_040)

Hex (EX1_246)

High Abbess Alura (SCH_141)

High Priest Amet (ULD_262)

High Priestess Jeklik (TRL_252)

Hippogryph (DRG_065)

Hoard Pillager (DRG_055)

Hoarding Dragon (LOOT_144)

Holy Champion (AT_011)

Holy Nova (CS1_112)

Hooded Acolyte (OG_334)

Hooked Reaver (LOOT_018)

Houndmaster (DS1_070)

Houndmaster Shaw (GIL_650)

Hozen Healer (CFM_067)

Hungry Dragon (BRM_026)

Hyena Alpha (ULD_154)

Ice Cream Peddler (TRL_533)

Illidari Felblade (BT_814)

Imp-losion (GVG_045)

Impbalming (ULD_324)

Infested Tauren (OG_249)

Infested Wolf (OG_216)

Infiltrator Lilian (SCH_426)

Ironwood Golem (LOOT_048)

Jade Lightning (CFM_707)

Jade Spirit (CFM_715)

Jeeves (GVG_094)

Jinyu Waterspeaker (CFM_061)

Juicy Psychmelon (BOT_404)

Jungle Moonkin (LOE_051)

Kabal Chemist (CFM_619)

Kargath Bladefist (BT_123)

Kayn Sunfury (BT_187)

Kazakus (CFM_621)

Keening Banshee (ICC_911)

Keeper of the Grove (EX1_166)

Keeper of Uldaman (LOE_017)

Kezan Mystic (GVG_074)

Kirin Tor Tricaster (DAL_576)

Klaxxi Amber-Weaver (OG_188)

Kobold Illusionist (LOOT_412)

Kobold Monk (LOOT_382)

Kooky Chemist (CFM_063)

Kor'kron Elite (NEW1_011)

Krolusk Barkstripper (SCH_239)

Lakkari Felhound (UNG_833)

Lesser Amethyst Spellstone (LOOT_043)

Leyline Manipulator (LOOT_537)

Lifedrinker (GIL_622)

Light's Sorrow (ICC_071)

Lightforged Zealot (DRG_232)

Lightfused Stegodon (UNG_962)

Lightspawn (EX1_335)

Lilian Voss (ICC_811)

Lorekeeper Polkelt (SCH_428)

Lost Tallstrider (GVG_071)

Lotus Illusionist (CFM_697)

Mad Hatter (GIL_125)

Magnataur Alpha (AT_067)

Magtheridon (BT_850)

Maiden of the Lake (AT_085)

Maiev Shadowsong (BT_737)

Mark of the Loa (TRL_254)

Marked Shot (DAL_371)

Marrowslicer (SCH_252)

Mass Dispel (EX1_626)

Master of Disguise (NEW1_014)

Master of Evolution (OG_328)

Meat Wagon (ICC_812)

Mechanical Yeti (GVG_078)

Midnight Drake (OG_320)

Militia Commander (GIL_803)

Mindgames (EX1_345)

Mini-Mage (GVG_109)

Mire Keeper (OG_202)

Mistwraith (GIL_510)

Mogu'shan Warden (EX1_396)

Mok'Nathal Lion (BT_212)

Molten Breath (DRG_500)

Molten Reflection (UNG_948)

Mortal Strike (EX1_408)

Multi-Shot (DS1_183)

Murloc Knight (AT_076)

Murloc Tastyfin (TRL_520)

Naga Corsair (CFM_651)

Necromechanic (BOT_039)

Night Howler (ICC_031)

Night Prowler (GIL_624)

Nightshade Matron (BT_301)

Nozdormu the Timeless (DRG_309)

Oaken Summons (LOOT_309)

Oasis Snapjaw (CS2_119)

Obsidian Shard (UNG_061)

Ogre Magi (CS2_197)

Old Murk-Eye (EX1_062)

Omega Defender (BOT_296)

Omega Devastator (DAL_770)

Overgrowth (BT_130)

Phantom Freebooter (ICC_018)

Piloted Reaper (BOT_267)

Piloted Shredder (GVG_096)

Pit Lord (EX1_313)

Plaguebringer (EX1_191)

Poison Seeds (FP1_019)

Poisoned Blade (AT_034)

Polluted Hoarder (OG_323)

Polymorph (CS2_022)

Portal Keeper (DAL_582)

Potion of Illusion (SCH_352)

Power Infusion (EX1_194)

Predatory Instincts (TRL_244)

Priest of the Feast (KAR_035)

Prince Valanar (ICC_853)

Prismatic Lens (BOT_436)

Professor Putricide (ICC_204)

Proud Defender (DAL_551)

Psychopomp (ULD_268)

Raging Felscreamer (BT_416)

Rattling Rascal (ICC_025)

Ravenous Pterrordax (UNG_047)

Reaper's Scythe (SCH_238)

Refreshment Vendor (AT_111)

Regeneratin' Thug (TRL_508)

Replicat-o-tron (BT_190)

Replicating Menace (BOT_312)

Restless Mummy (ULD_206)

Rumbletusk Shaker (TRL_531)

Rumbling Elemental (LOE_016)

Runeforge Haunter (ICC_240)

Rustsworn Cultist (BT_160)

Sabotage (GVG_047)

Sahket Sapper (ULD_280)

Sandbinder (GIL_581)

Saronite Chain Gang (ICC_466)

Savage Combatant (AT_039)

Scaleworm (GIL_601)

Scargil (DAL_726)

Scion of Ruin (DRG_019)

Scorch (TRL_313)

Scrap Shot (BT_205)

Screwjank Clunker (GVG_055)

Seadevil Stinger (CFM_699)

Sen'jin Shieldmasta (CS2_179)

Shadow of Death (ULD_286)

Shadow Sensei (CFM_694)

Shadow Word: Horror (OG_100)

Shadow Word: Ruin (EX1_197)

Shadowflame (EX1_303)

Shellshifter (UNG_101)

Sherazin, Corpse Flower (UNG_065)

Shifting Shade (OG_335)

Shifty Sophomore (SCH_234)

Shimmering Courser (LOOT_193)

Shroom Brewer (LOOT_291)

SI:7 Infiltrator (EX1_186)

Siltfin Spiritwalker (GVG_040)

Silvermoon Guardian (EX1_023)

Silvermoon Portal (KAR_077)

Sky Gen'ral Kragg (YOD_038)

Sneaky Devil (LOOT_136)

Soldier of Fortune (DAL_771)

Soul of the Forest (EX1_158)

Soul Split (BT_488)

Southsea Squidface (OG_267)

Spawn of Shadows (AT_012)

Spectral Cutlass (GIL_672)

Spellbreaker (EX1_048)

Spirit of the Shark (TRL_092)

Spirit of the Tiger (TRL_309)

Spiritsinger Umbra (UNG_900)

Splitting Axe (ULD_413)

Squallhunter (DRG_211)

Star Student Stelina (SCH_603)

Steam Surger (UNG_021)

Steel Rager (BOT_603)

Steeldancer (SCH_522)

Stegodon (UNG_810)

Storm Chaser (BOT_291)

Stormwind Knight (CS2_131)

Strongshell Scavenger (ICC_807)

Summoning Portal (EX1_315)

Sunstruck Henchman (ULD_180)

Swift Messenger (GIL_528)

Swipe (CS2_012)

Tanaris Hogchopper (CFM_809)

The Dark Portal (BT_302)

The Darkness (LOOT_526)

The Fist of Ra-den (YOD_042)

The Glass Knight (GIL_817)

The Voraxx (UNG_843)

Thunderhead (BOT_407)

Ticket Scalper (TRL_015)

Ticking Abomination (ICC_099)

Tidal Surge (UNG_817)

Tinker's Sharpsword Oil (GVG_022)

Tol'vir Stoneshaper (UNG_070)

Tomb Pillager (LOE_012)

Tomb Spider (LOE_047)

Tortollan Shellraiser (UNG_037)

Totem Cruncher (GIL_583)

Tournament Medic (AT_091)

Toxmonger (GIL_607)

Traveling Healer (DAL_078)

Troll Batrider (DRG_067)

Truesilver Champion (CS2_097)

Twig of the World Tree (LOOT_392)

Twilight Drake (EX1_043)

Twilight Guardian (AT_017)

Twilight Summoner (OG_272)

Umbral Skulker (DRG_027)

Unpowered Steambot (GIL_809)

Unsleeping Soul (DAL_065)

Veiled Worshipper (DRG_203)

Vendetta (DAL_716)

Vessina (ULD_173)

Vex Crow (GIL_664)

Vilefiend Trainer (SCH_705)

Violet Spellsword (DAL_095)

Violet Teacher (NEW1_026)

Vivid Spores (BT_101)

Voidcaller (FP1_022)

Waggle Pick (DAL_720)

Wailing Soul (FP1_016)

Walk the Plank (TRL_157)


War Master Voone (TRL_328)

Water Elemental (CS2_033)

Weaponized Piñata (BOT_401)

Wee Spellstopper (GVG_122)

Whizbang the Wonderful (BOT_914)

Wicked Skeleton (ICC_904)

Wicked Witchdoctor (KAR_021)

Wildwalker (AT_040)

Windspeaker (EX1_587)

Wing Blast (GIL_518)

Wing Commander (DRG_058)

Wispering Woods (GIL_553)

Witchwood Piper (GIL_584)

Worgen Greaser (CFM_665)

Wrenchcalibur (DAL_063)

Wretched Tutor (SCH_313)

Xaril, Poisoned Mind (OG_080)

Zandalari Templar (TRL_545)

Zul'Drak Ritualist (DRG_064)

Abomination (EX1_097)

Aeroponics (DRG_314)

Al'ar (BT_735)

Aldor Truthseeker (BT_026)

Alley Armorsmith (CFM_756)

Amber Watcher (DRG_226)

Anka, the Buried (ULD_288)

Antique Healbot (GVG_069)

Anubisath Defender (ULD_138)

Anubisath Sentinel (LOE_061)

Apexis Blast (BT_291)

Arcane Tyrant (LOOT_130)

Arcanite Reaper (CS2_112)

Arena Patron (TRL_521)

Assassin's Blade (CS2_080)

Assassinate (CS2_076)

Avian Watcher (KAR_037)

Azerite Elemental (DAL_548)

Azure Drake (EX1_284)

Baited Arrow (TRL_347)

Bandersmosh (DRG_096)

Bane of Doom (EX1_320)

Barista Lynchen (DAL_546)

Barnes (KAR_114)

Bazaar Mugger (ULD_327)

Bewitched Guardian (GIL_507)

Big Game Hunter (EX1_005)

Big Ol' Whelp (DRG_054)

Bittertide Hydra (UNG_087)

Blackwing Corruptor (BRM_034)

Blast Wave (TRL_317)

Blessed Champion (EX1_355)

Blessing of Authority (SCH_138)

Blingtron 3000 (GVG_119)

Blood Herald (SCH_618)

Blood-Queen Lana'thel (ICC_841)

Bloodlust (CS2_046)

Bloodworm (ICC_905)

Boggspine Knuckles (BT_102)

Bolvar Fordragon (GVG_063)

Bolvar, Fireblood (ICC_858)

Bomb Lobber (GVG_099)

Bomb Squad (CFM_667)

Bone Baron (ICC_065)

Bonfire Elemental (GIL_645)

Boompistol Bully (YOD_033)

Booty Bay Bodyguard (CS2_187)

Brawl (EX1_407)

Burgly Bully (CFM_669)

Cabalist's Tome (OG_090)

Call to Arms (LOOT_093)

Captain Greenskin (NEW1_024)

Carnivorous Cube (LOOT_161)

Carrion Drake (GIL_905)

Chaos Nova (BT_235)

Chief Inspector (GIL_648)

Chromatic Egg (DRG_086)

Chronobreaker (DRG_304)

Clockwork Automaton (GIL_646)

Clockwork Knight (AT_096)

Cloud Prince (ULD_293)

Cobalt Guardian (GVG_062)

Cobalt Scalebane (ICC_029)

Cobalt Spellkin (DRG_075)

Cobra Shot (GVG_073)

Command the Illidari (BT_173)

Convincing Infiltrator (DAL_039)

Corpse Raiser (ICC_257)

Corpse Widow (ICC_243)

Corrosive Sludge (LOOT_122)

Corrupted Healbot (OG_147)

Crazed Chemist (BOT_576)

Crazed Netherwing (DRG_201)

Crazed Worshipper (OG_321)

Cryomancer (CFM_671)

Crystal Stag (DAL_799)

Cult Apothecary (OG_295)

Cumulo-Maximus (DRG_223)

Curio Collector (GIL_640)

Cutting Class (SCH_623)

Dalaran Crusader (DAL_085)

Darius Crowley (GIL_547)

Dark Iron Skulker (BRM_008)

Dark Pharaoh Tekahn (ULD_168)

Darkscale Healer (DS1_055)

Darkshire Alchemist (OG_234)

Darkspeaker (OG_102)

Death Revenant (ICC_450)

Deathweb Spider (GIL_565)

Deck of Wonders (LOOT_106)

Demonheart (GVG_019)

Desert Obelisk (ULD_703)

Despicable Dreadlord (ICC_075)

Devour Mind (ICC_207)

Direhorn Hatchling (UNG_957)

Djinni of Zephyrs (LOE_053)

Doctor Krastinov (SCH_425)

Dollmaster Dorian (GIL_620)

Doomguard (EX1_310)

Doomhammer (EX1_567)

Doppelgangster (CFM_668)

Dragon Consort (BRM_018)

Dragon Speaker (DAL_147)

Dragon's Breath (BRM_003)

Dragon's Fury (LOOT_172)

Dragon's Pack (DRG_217)

Dragonmaw Scorcher (TRL_526)

Drakonid Operative (CFM_605)

Druid of the Claw (EX1_165)

Druid of the Fang (GVG_080)

Duel! (DAL_731)

Duskfallen Aviana (GIL_800)

Dyn-o-matic (BOT_104)

E.M.P. Operative (BOT_540)

Earth Elemental (EX1_250)

Elise the Enlightened (ULD_139)

Elise the Trailblazer (UNG_851)

Elite Tauren Chieftain (PRO_001)

Emberscale Drake (TRL_323)

Ethereal Conjurer (LOE_003)

Ethereal Peddler (KAR_070)

Excavated Evil (LOE_111)

Explosive Shot (EX1_537)

Faceless Corruptor (DRG_076)

Faceless Lurker (ULD_189)

Faceless Manipulator (EX1_564)

Farraki Battleaxe (TRL_304)

Fatespinner (ICC_047)

Feeding Time (UNG_834)

Fel Reaver (GVG_016)

Fen Creeper (CS1_069)

Festeroot Hulk (GIL_655)

Feugen (FP1_015)

Finja, the Flying Star (CFM_344)

Flame Lance (AT_001)

Floating Watcher (GVG_100)

Fool's Bane (KAR_028)

Force of Nature (EX1_571)

Former Champ (TRL_151)

Frostwolf Warlord (CS2_226)

Fungalmancer (LOOT_167)

Furbolg Mossbinder (LOOT_150)

Ghostly Charger (GIL_545)

Glaivebound Adept (BT_495)

Glitter Moth (GIL_837)

Gloom Stag (GIL_130)

Glowfly Swarm (BT_135)

Glowstone Technician (BOT_910)

Gral, the Shark (TRL_409)

Green Jelly (LOOT_131)

Grim Patron (BRM_019)

Grimestreet Enforcer (CFM_639)

Grook Fu Master (CFM_666)

Guild Recruiter (LOOT_375)

Gurubashi Berserker (EX1_399)

Hagatha's Scheme (DAL_009)

Hailbringer (YOD_029)

Halazzi, the Lynx (TRL_900)

Hallazeal the Ascended (OG_209)

Hammer of Twilight (OG_031)

Harrison Jones (EX1_558)

Headmaster Kel'Thuzad (SCH_224)

Hemet Nesingwary (GVG_120)

Holomancer (BOT_280)

Holy Water (GIL_134)

Holy Wrath (EX1_365)

Hunting Party (DAL_589)

Imprisoned Antaen (BT_934)

Ironforge Portal (KAR_091)

Ixlid, Fungal Lord (LOOT_329)

Jandice Barov (SCH_351)

Junkbot (GVG_106)

Kabal Songstealer (CFM_657)

Kara Kazham! (KAR_025)

King of Beasts (GVG_046)

Knuckles (CFM_333)

Kobold Stickyfinger (DRG_082)

Kvaldir Raider (AT_119)

Lake Thresher (SCH_605)

Leeroy Jenkins (EX1_116)

Lesser Emerald Spellstone (LOOT_080)

Lesser Onyx Spellstone (LOOT_503)

Living Mana (UNG_111)

Loatheb (FP1_030)

Loose Specimen (BOT_544)

Lotus Agents (CFM_852)

Lotus Assassin (CFM_634)

Lunar Visions (CFM_811)

Lyra the Sunshard (UNG_963)

Madder Bomber (GVG_090)

Malygos, Aspect of Magic (DRG_270)

Mass Hysteria (TRL_258)

Mechano-Egg (BOT_537)

Menagerie Magician (KAR_702)

Metamorphosis (BT_429)

Mimiron's Head (GVG_111)

Mortuary Machine (ULD_702)

Mosh'Ogg Announcer (TRL_532)

Mozaki, Master Duelist (SCH_400)

Muck Hunter (GIL_682)

Muckmorpher (DAL_052)

Mukla's Champion (AT_090)

Myra Rotspring (BOT_243)

Myra's Unstable Element (BOT_242)

Naga Sand Witch (ULD_435)

Necrium Apothecary (DRG_031)

Necrium Vial (BOT_508)

Nesting Roc (UNG_801)

Nexus-Champion Saraad (AT_127)

Nightblade (EX1_593)

Oasis Surger (ULD_292)

Ogre Ninja (GVG_088)

Ogremancer (SCH_710)

Omega Agent (BOT_536)

Onyx Bishop (KAR_204)

Phalanx Commander (ULD_179)

Piranha Launcher (CFM_337)

Pit Fighter (AT_101)

Plague of Wrath (ULD_707)

Platebreaker (DRG_069)

Power Word: Replicate (BOT_529)

Power Word: Tentacles (OG_094)

Prince Liam (GIL_694)

Prince Malchezaar (KAR_096)

Princess Huhuran (OG_309)

Psych-o-Tron (OG_145)

Psyche Split (BT_253)

Quartermaster (GVG_060)

Quartz Elemental (GIL_156)

Ram Wrangler (AT_010)

Ras Frostwhisper (SCH_273)

Raza the Chained (CFM_020)

Reckless Experimenter (BOT_566)

Recruiter (AT_113)

Recurring Villain (DAL_749)

Red Mana Wyrm (CFM_060)

Righteousness (EX1_184)

Rolling Fireball (DRG_321)

Rotnest Drake (YOD_036)

Rotten Applebaum (GIL_667)

Ruststeed Raider (BT_720)

Rusty Recycler (BOT_050)

Salty Dog (GVG_070)

Sandhoof Waterbearer (ULD_270)

Scalelord (YOD_043)

Scrap Golem (BT_249)

Seaforium Bomber (BOT_511)

Second-Rate Bruiser (CFM_652)

Servant of Kalimos (UNG_816)

Servant of Yogg-Saron (OG_087)

Shado-Pan Rider (AT_028)

Shadow Sculptor (YOD_017)

Shadowcaster (OG_291)

Shattered Rumbler (BT_114)

Shield of Galakrond (DRG_242)

Shrink Ray (BOT_234)

Siege Engine (GVG_086)

Sightless Ranger (TRL_020)

Silver Hand Knight (CS2_151)

Skelemancer (ICC_019)

Skull of Gul'dan (BT_601)

Skull of the Man'ari (LOOT_420)

Skyfin (DRG_072)

Sludge Belcher (FP1_012)

Snapjaw Shellfighter (TRL_535)

Solemn Vigil (BRM_001)

Soulshard Lapidary (SCH_704)

Spectral Knight (FP1_008)

Spiked Hogrider (CFM_688)

Spiteful Smith (CS2_221)

Stalagg (FP1_014)

Stampeding Kodo (NEW1_041)

Stand Against Darkness (OG_273)

Starfall (NEW1_007)

Starving Buzzard (CS2_237)

Steward of Scrolls (SCH_245)

Stormpike Commando (CS2_150)

Stowaway (DRG_034)

Stranglethorn Tiger (EX1_028)

Streetwise Investigator (CFM_656)

Subject 9 (BOT_573)

Sudden Genesis (UNG_927)

Summoning Stone (LOE_086)

Sunborne Val'kyr (ICC_028)

Sunreaver Warmage (DAL_539)

Supercollider (BOT_406)

Tar Lurker (UNG_049)

Teacher's Pet (SCH_244)

Temple Enforcer (EX1_623)

Tentacled Menace (DRG_084)

Tentacles for Arms (OG_033)

Thrall, Deathseer (ICC_481)

Thunder Bluff Valiant (AT_049)

Time Rip (DRG_246)

Tol'vir Warden (UNG_913)

Tomb Lurker (ICC_098)

Torrent (BT_110)

Totem Goliath (SCH_615)

Treespeaker (TRL_341)

Trogg Gloomeater (LOOT_315)

Tundra Rhino (DS1_178)

Tuskarr Jouster (AT_104)

Twilight Darkmender (OG_096)

Twilight Runner (SCH_616)

Upgraded Repair Bot (GVG_083)

Usher of Souls (OG_302)

Validated Doomsayer (OG_200)

Vectus (SCH_162)

Venomancer (ICC_032)

Venture Co. Mercenary (CS2_227)

Verdant Longneck (UNG_100)

Vilebrood Skitterer (GIL_562)

Vilespine Slayer (UNG_064)

Virmen Sensei (CFM_816)

Void Drinker (SCH_343)

Vol'jin (GVG_014)

Volcano (UNG_025)

Voodoo Hexxer (ICC_088)

Wargear (BOT_563)

Warglaives of Azzinoth (BT_430)

Waste Warden (BT_729)

Wasteland Assassin (ULD_274)

Waxadred (DRG_036)

Webweave (ICC_050)

White Eyes (CFM_324)

Windshear Stormcaller (LOOT_518)

Witchwood Grizzly (GIL_623)

Wrathspike Brute (BT_510)

Wyrm Weaver (SCH_243)

Zilliax (BOT_548)

Abyssal Summoner (DRG_207)

Aeon Reaver (YOD_014)

Aluneth (LOOT_108)

Ancient Harbinger (OG_290)

Ancient of Blossoms (CFM_854)

Anima Golem (GVG_077)

Aranasi Broodmother (DAL_185)

Arcane Dynamo (BOT_539)

Arcanosaur (TRL_311)

Archmage (CS2_155)

Argent Commander (EX1_067)

Armagedillo (ULD_258)

Armored Goon (ULD_709)

Avenging Wrath (EX1_384)

Aya Blackpaw (CFM_902)

Ball of Spiders (AT_062)

Big-Time Racketeer (CFM_648)

Blackguard (ICC_245)

Blatant Decoy (ULD_706)

Blizzard (CS2_028)

Bolf Ramshield (AT_124)

Bone Drake (ICC_027)

Book Wyrm (KAR_033)

Boulderfist Ogre (CS2_200)

Cabal Shadow Priest (EX1_091)

Cairne Bloodhoof (EX1_110)

Camouflaged Dirigible (DRG_074)

Candle Breath (DRG_033)

Cannon Barrage (TRL_127)

Coffin Crasher (GIL_805)

Coldarra Drake (AT_008)

Corrupt Elementalist (DRG_218)

Corrupted Seer (OG_161)

Cruel Dinomancer (UNG_830)

Crystal Lion (LOOT_313)

Cursed Castaway (GIL_557)

Damaged Stegotron (BOT_448)

Dark Arakkoa (OG_293)

Dark Bargain (AT_025)

Dark Wispers (GVG_041)

Darkest Hour (DAL_173)

Deadly Arsenal (GIL_537)

Deathstalker Rexxar (ICC_828)

Defias Cleaner (CFM_855)

Devout Pupil (SCH_139)

Dr. Morrigan (BOT_433)

Dragoncaster (DRG_322)

Dragonfire Potion (CFM_662)

Dragonmaw Sky Stalker (BT_726)

Drakonid Crusher (BRM_024)

Dread Infernal (CS2_064)

Eccentric Scribe (DAL_566)

Ectomancy (BOT_521)

Embrace Darkness (ICC_849)

Emerald Explorer (DRG_313)

Emperor Thaurissan (BRM_028)

Enter the Coliseum (AT_078)

Entomb (LOE_104)

Eureka! (BOT_099)

Evasive Wyrm (DRG_079)

Faceless Summoner (OG_207)

Fel Summoner (BT_509)

Felfire Potion (CFM_094)

Fight Promoter (CFM_328)

Fire Elemental (CS2_042)

Flik Skyshiv (DRG_037)

Forest Warden Omu (SCH_614)

Frost Elemental (EX1_283)

Frozen Crusher (UNG_079)

Furnacefire Colossus (ICC_096)

Gadgetzan Auctioneer (EX1_095)

Gather Your Party (LOOT_370)

Gazlowe (GVG_117)

Gelbin Mekkatorque (EX1_112)

Gemstudded Golem (LOOT_365)

Genn Greymane (GIL_692)

Giggling Inventor (BOT_270)

Glinda Crowskin (GIL_618)

Grand Crusader (AT_118)

Grumble, Worldshaker (LOOT_358)

Gyrocopter (DRG_061)

Hand of Gul'dan (BT_300)

Heavy Metal! (TRL_324)

Heistbaron Togwaggle (DAL_417)

Hemet, Jungle Hunter (UNG_840)

Herald Volazj (OG_316)

Hidden Oasis (ULD_135)

Hogger (NEW1_040)

Holy Fire (EX1_624)

Hungry Ettin (LOOT_383)

Initiation (SCH_512)

Iron Juggernaut (GVG_056)

Ivory Knight (KAR_057)

Jade Behemoth (CFM_343)

Judicious Junior (SCH_712)

Justicar Trueheart (AT_132)

Kabal Crystal Runner (CFM_760)

Kabal Trafficker (CFM_663)

Kael'thas Sunstrider (BT_255)

Keli'dan the Breaker (BT_196)

Khartut Defender (ULD_208)

Kidnapper (NEW1_005)

Kodorider (AT_099)

Krag'wa, the Frog (TRL_345)

Kronx Dragonhoof (DRG_099)

Lady in White (GIL_840)

Leatherclad Hogleader (CFM_810)

Level Up! (LOOT_333)

Libram of Justice (BT_011)

Lightbomb (GVG_008)

Lord of the Arena (CS2_162)

Luckydo Buccaneer (CFM_342)

Mad Summoner (DAL_751)

Madam Goya (CFM_672)

Maexxna (FP1_010)

Master Jouster (AT_112)

Mech-Bear-Cat (GVG_034)

Mechanical Whelp (BOT_066)

Menagerie Warden (KAR_065)

Meteor (UNG_955)

Meteorologist (BOT_601)

Missile Launcher (BOT_107)

Moat Lurker (KAR_041)

Mogor the Ogre (GVG_112)

Mogor's Champion (AT_088)

Mojomaster Zihi (TRL_564)

Moonglade Portal (KAR_075)

Moorabi (ICC_289)

Mossy Horror (GIL_124)

Mukla, Tyrant of the Vale (OG_122)

Mysterious Challenger (AT_079)

Necrotic Geist (ICC_900)

Nerubian Prophet (OG_138)

Nerubian Unraveler (ICC_706)

Nithogg (DRG_224)

Nourish (EX1_164)

Oblivitron (DAL_376)

Onyx Magescribe (SCH_230)

Ornery Direhorn (UNG_925)

Pharaoh's Blessing (ULD_143)

Piloted Sky Golem (GVG_105)

Portal Overfiend (DAL_565)

Possessed Lackey (LOOT_306)

Priestess of Elune (EX1_583)

Rain of Toads (TRL_351)

Reckless Rocketeer (CS2_213)

Recycle (GVG_031)

Reno Jackson (LOE_011)

Reno the Relicologist (ULD_238)

Riftcleaver (ULD_165)

Rin, the First Disciple (LOOT_415)

Runic Carvings (SCH_612)

Sabretooth Stalker (UNG_812)

Safeguard (DAL_088)

Savannah Highmane (EX1_534)

Scaled Nightmare (OG_271)

Scarlet Webweaver (ULD_410)

Scavenging Shivarra (BT_732)

Sea Reaver (AT_130)

Security Rover (BOT_218)

Seeping Oozeling (LOOT_520)

Shadow Essence (ICC_235)

Shieldmaiden (GVG_053)

Sideshow Spelleater (AT_098)

Siphon Soul (EX1_309)

Skeram Cultist (OG_339)

Skulking Geist (ICC_701)

Smug Senior (SCH_709)

Sorcerous Substitute (SCH_530)

Soulwarden (TRL_247)

Spark Drill (BOT_102)

Spectral Pillager (ICC_910)

Spellweaver (ICC_856)

Spikeridged Steed (UNG_952)

Spiteful Summoner (LOOT_539)

Spreading Plague (ICC_054)

Stampeding Roar (TRL_255)

Starfire (EX1_173)

Sul'thraze (TRL_325)

Sunkeeper Tarim (UNG_015)

Sunwalker (EX1_032)

Swarm of Locusts (ULD_713)

Sylvanas Windrunner (EX1_016)

Tending Tauren (BOT_422)

The Beast (EX1_577)

The Black Knight (EX1_002)

The Lurker Below (BT_230)

The Mistcaller (AT_054)

The Skeleton Knight (AT_128)

The Storm Bringer (BOT_245)

Thing from Below (OG_028)

Thistle Tea (OG_073)

To My Side! (LOOT_217)

Toki, Time-Tinker (GIL_549)

Toshley (GVG_115)

Trade Prince Gallywix (GVG_028)

Unidentified Contract (DAL_366)

Unidentified Shield (LOOT_285)

Unleash the Beast (DAL_378)

Unseen Saboteur (DAL_538)

Utgarde Grapplesniper (DRG_077)

Val'anyr (LOOT_500)

Vanish (NEW1_004)

Veranus (DRG_095)

Violet Warden (DAL_096)

Void Crusher (AT_023)

Volcanic Drake (BRM_025)

Wild Bloodstinger (ULD_212)

Wilfred Fizzlebang (AT_027)

Wind-up Burglebot (CFM_025)

Windfury Harpy (EX1_033)

Wobbling Runts (LOE_089)

Wrathion (CFM_806)

Xavius (EX1_614)

Zerek, Master Cloner (BOT_258)

A New Challenger... (TRL_305)

Abominable Bowman (ICC_825)

Abyssal Enforcer (CFM_751)

Acidmaw (AT_063)

Amani War Bear (TRL_550)

Ancient of Lore (NEW1_008)

Ancient of War (EX1_178)

Ancient Shieldbearer (OG_301)

Animated Avalanche (YOD_007)

Arch-Villain Rafaam (DAL_422)

Archbishop Benedictus (ICC_215)

Archmage Antonidas (EX1_559)

Astromancer (BOT_256)

Azalina Soulthief (GIL_198)

Baron Geddon (EX1_249)

Barrens Stablehand (EX1_188)

Beryllium Nullifier (BOT_237)

Blackhowl Gunspire (GIL_152)

Blastmaster Boom (DAL_064)

Blazecaller (UNG_847)

Blood Troll Sapper (TRL_257)

Bloodboil Brute (BT_138)

Bog Creeper (OG_153)

Bogshaper (GIL_807)

Bonechewer Vanguard (BT_716)

Boommaster Flark (BOT_034)

Bwonsamdi, the Dead (TRL_260)

Captured Jormungar (AT_102)

Chef Nomi (DAL_554)

Chillmaw (AT_123)

Cho'gall (OG_121)

Commencement (SCH_533)

Confessor Paletress (AT_018)

Core Hound (CS2_201)

Corridor Creeper (LOOT_149)

Countess Ashmore (GIL_578)

Crowd Roaster (TRL_569)

Crush (GVG_052)

Crushing Walls (LOOT_522)

Cursed Vagrant (BT_703)

Cycle of Hatred (SCH_253)

Darkmire Moonkin (GIL_121)

Dinotamer Brann (ULD_156)

Don Han'Cho (CFM_685)

Dr. Boom (GVG_110)

Dr. Boom, Mad Genius (BOT_238)

Dreampetal Florist (BOT_423)

Eadric the Pure (AT_081)

Earthquake (ULD_181)

Evasive Drakonid (DRG_310)

Everyfin is Awesome (LOE_113)

Exotic Mountseller (DAL_774)

Fearsome Doomguard (AT_020)

Fel Guardians (SCH_357)

Firelands Portal (KAR_076)

Flame Leviathan (GVG_007)

Flamereaper (BT_271)

Flamestrike (CS2_032)

Flark's Boom-Zooka (BOT_429)

Furious Ettin (GIL_120)

Gahz'rilla (GVG_049)

Galakrond, the Nightmare (DRG_610)

Galakrond, the Tempest (DRG_620)

Galakrond, the Unbreakable (DRG_650)

Galakrond, the Unspeakable (DRG_660)

Galakrond, the Wretched (DRG_600)

Giant Anaconda (UNG_086)

Gladiator's Longbow (DS1_188)

Gloop Sprayer (BOT_507)

Gonk, the Raptor (TRL_241)

Gorehowl (EX1_411)

Goru the Mightree (DRG_319)

Greater Arcane Missiles (CFM_623)

Grimestreet Protector (CFM_062)

Grotesque Dragonhawk (OG_152)

Guardian Animals (SCH_610)

Guardian of Kings (CS2_088)

Gurubashi Hypemon (TRL_077)

High Inquisitor Whitemane (EX1_190)

Hogger, Doom of Elwynn (OG_318)

Inkmaster Solia (CFM_687)

Ironhide Direhorn (TRL_232)

Jade Chieftain (CFM_312)

Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk (TRL_316)

Kangor's Endless Army (BOT_912)

Keymaster Alabaster (SCH_717)

Knight of the Wild (AT_041)

Lady Liadrin (BT_334)

Lesser Diamond Spellstone (LOOT_507)

Lesser Mithril Spellstone (LOOT_203)

Lesser Sapphire Spellstone (LOOT_064)

Lightforged Crusader (DRG_231)

Linecracker (TRL_528)

Lord Godfrey (GIL_825)

Luna's Pocket Galaxy (BOT_257)

Lynessa Sunsorrow (LOOT_216)

Malfurion the Pestilent (ICC_832)

Malkorok (OG_220)

Malorne (GVG_035)

Marsh Hydra (BT_133)

Neptulon (GVG_042)

Nightscale Matriarch (GIL_190)

Obsidian Destroyer (LOE_009)

Overflow (ULD_273)

Priestess of Fury (BT_493)

Prophet Velen (EX1_350)

Psychic Scream (LOOT_008)

Rabble Bouncer (TRL_515)

Ravenholdt Assassin (CS2_161)

Rend Blackhand (BRM_029)

Rhok'delar (LOOT_085)

Sated Threshadon (UNG_010)

Shu'ma (DRG_091)

Siamat (ULD_178)

Siegebreaker (EX1_185)

Silver Vanguard (LOOT_184)

Skeletal Dragon (BT_341)

Skycap'n Kragg (AT_070)

Soul Mirror (BT_198)

Soulciologist Malicia (SCH_703)

Sprint (CS2_077)

Star Aligner (BOT_552)

Stone Sentinel (UNG_208)

Stormwatcher (UNG_813)

Stormwind Champion (CS2_222)

Swamp King Dred (UNG_919)

Swampqueen Hagatha (DAL_431)

Tak Nozwhisker (DAL_719)

Tar Lord (UNG_838)

Temporus (LOOT_538)

The Curator (KAR_061)

Troggzor the Earthinator (GVG_118)

Tunnel Blaster (DAL_775)

Twin Emperor Vek'lor (OG_131)

Underbelly Ooze (DAL_550)

Valdris Felgorge (DRG_208)

Vereesa Windrunner (DAL_379)

Vinecleaver (UNG_950)

Volcanosaur (UNG_002)

War Golem (CS2_186)

Wasteland Scorpid (ULD_194)

Winged Guardian (YOD_003)

Wisps of the Old Gods (OG_195)

Worgen Abomination (GIL_117)

Wrapped Golem (ULD_215)

Wyrmguard (GIL_526)

Akali, the Rhino (TRL_329)

Al'Akir the Windlord (NEW1_010)

Anomalus (OG_120)

Arcane Devourer (EX1_187)

Batterhead (DAL_592)

Beastmaster Leoroxx (BT_214)

Bonemare (ICC_705)

Call of the Wild (OG_211)

Captain Hooktusk (TRL_126)

Catrina Muerte (DAL_721)

Cauldron Elemental (GIL_119)

Charged Devilsaur (UNG_099)

Chromaggus (BRM_031)

Coilfang Warlord (BT_761)

Da Undatakah (TRL_537)

Deathwing, Mad Aspect (DRG_026)

Deep Freeze (BT_072)

Demonbolt (TRL_555)

Deranged Doctor (GIL_118)

Dinosize (UNG_004)

Doomcaller (OG_255)

Eldritch Horror (OG_142)

Enhanced Dreadlord (BT_304)

Fel Lord Betrug (DAL_607)

Flesh Giant (SCH_140)

Foe Reaper 4000 (GVG_113)

Force-Tank MAX (GVG_079)

Fossilized Devilsaur (LOE_073)

Free From Amber (UNG_854)

Geosculptor Yip (LOOT_519)

Giant Sand Worm (OG_308)

Gift of the Wild (EX1_183)

Gilnean Royal Guard (GIL_202)

Glacial Mysteries (ICC_086)

Grand Archivist (LOOT_414)

Grizzled Guardian (LOOT_314)

Grommash Hellscream (EX1_414)

Gruul (NEW1_038)

Hagatha the Witch (GIL_504)

Heroic Innkeeper (DAL_560)

Hex Lord Malacrass (TRL_318)

Hir'eek, the Bat (TRL_253)

Hulking Overfiend (BT_487)

Inner Demon (BT_512)

Ironbark Protector (CS2_232)

Jepetto Joybuzz (DAL_752)

Kalimos, Primal Lord (UNG_211)

Kathrena Winterwisp (LOOT_511)

Kel'Thuzad (FP1_013)

King Togwaggle (LOOT_541)

Lay on Hands (EX1_354)

Lucentbark (DAL_357)

Mana Giant (DRG_109)

Marin the Fox (LOOT_357)

Medivh, the Guardian (KAR_097)

Mosh'Ogg Enforcer (TRL_513)

Murozond the Infinite (DRG_090)

Naga Sea Witch (LOE_038)

Natalie Seline (EX1_198)

Octosari (ULD_177)

Pit Crocolisk (ULD_190)

Plagued Protodrake (SCH_711)

Power of Creation (DAL_578)

Primordial Drake (UNG_848)

Princess Talanji (TRL_259)

Ragnaros the Firelord (EX1_298)

Ragnaros, Lightlord (OG_229)

Rhonin (AT_009)

Rotface (ICC_405)

Scourgelord Garrosh (ICC_834)

Shadowreaper Anduin (ICC_830)

Silver Sword (GIL_596)

Sindragosa (ICC_838)

Sneed's Old Shredder (GVG_114)

Splintergraft (GIL_658)

Splitting Festeroot (GIL_616)

Supreme Abyssal (BT_734)

Tess Greymane (GIL_598)

The Boogeymonster (OG_300)

The Forest's Aid (DAL_256)

The Lich King (ICC_314)

The Runespear (LOOT_506)

Tidal Wave (SCH_535)

Tip the Scales (ULD_716)

Tirion Fordring (EX1_383)

Tomb Warden (ULD_253)

Tortollan Pilgrim (ULD_236)

Tortollan Primalist (UNG_088)

Troublemaker (SCH_337)

Turalyon, the Tenured (SCH_135)

Twin Tyrant (DRG_213)

Twisting Nether (EX1_312)

Violet Wurm (LOOT_153)

Void Contract (TRL_246)

Walking Fountain (DAL_047)

Whirlwind Tempest (DAL_742)

Woecleaver (LOOT_380)

Zzeraku the Warped (DRG_209)

Alexstrasza (EX1_561)

Ancient Void Hound (SCH_354)

Anub'arak (AT_036)

Anubisath Warbringer (ULD_183)

Arch-Thief Rafaam (LOE_092)

Archivist Elysiana (DAL_736)

Archwitch Willow (SCH_181)

Baku the Mooneater (GIL_826)

Blade of C'Thun (OG_282)

Blood of The Ancient One (OG_173)

Bull Dozer (BOT_534)

Burly Shovelfist (DAL_760)

Cenarius (EX1_573)

Dragoncaller Alanna (LOOT_535)

Dragonhatcher (LOOT_540)

Dragonqueen Alexstrasza (DRG_089)

Frost Lich Jaina (ICC_833)

Giant Mastodon (UNG_071)

Hadronox (ICC_835)

Icehowl (AT_125)

King Krush (EX1_543)

King Mosh (UNG_933)

Krul the Unshackled (CFM_750)

Libram of Hope (BT_024)

Lord Jaraxxus (EX1_323)

Majordomo Executus (BRM_027)

Mal'Ganis (GVG_021)

Malygos (EX1_563)

Mass Resurrection (DAL_724)

Master Oakheart (LOOT_521)

Mayor Noggenfogger (CFM_670)

Mekgineer Thermaplugg (GVG_116)

Mogu Fleshshaper (ULD_169)

Mulchmuncher (BOT_523)

Nefarian (BRM_030)

Nethrandamus (BT_481)

North Sea Kraken (AT_103)

Nozdormu (EX1_560)

Obsidian Statue (ICC_214)

Onyxia (EX1_562)

Oondasta (TRL_542)

Ozruk (UNG_907)

Pit Commander (BT_486)

Plague of Death (ULD_718)

Rattlegore (SCH_621)

Sathrovarr (DRG_402)

Shudderwock (GIL_820)

Sleepy Dragon (LOOT_137)

Soggoth the Slitherer (OG_340)

The Boomship (BOT_069)

Tree of Life (GVG_033)

Uther of the Ebon Blade (ICC_829)

Valeera the Hollow (ICC_827)

Voidlord (LOOT_368)

Volcanic Lumberer (BRM_009)

Ysera (EX1_572)

Ysera, Unleashed (DRG_320)

Ysiel Windsinger (BT_131)

Zerek's Cloning Gallery (BOT_567)

Anyfin Can Happen (LOE_026)

Aviana (AT_045)

Big Bad Archmage (DAL_553)

Bloodreaver Gul'dan (ICC_831)

C'Thun (OG_280)

Colossus of the Moon (ULD_721)

Deathwing (NEW1_030)

Deathwing, Dragonlord (OG_317)

Dimensional Ripper (DAL_059)

DOOM! (OG_239)

Emeriss (GIL_128)

Eye of the Storm (YOD_041)

Faceless Behemoth (OG_141)

Frost Giant (AT_120)

Hakkar, the Soulflayer (TRL_541)

Jumbo Imp (DAL_561)

Kalecgos (DAL_609)

King Phaoris (ULD_304)

Kun the Forgotten King (CFM_308)

Living Monument (ULD_193)

Mecha'thun (BOT_424)

Mind Control (CS1_113)

N'Zoth, the Corruptor (OG_133)

Nagrand Slam (BT_163)

Nozari (DAL_581)

Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron (ULD_216)

Pyroblast (EX1_279)

Scrapyard Colossus (BT_155)

Sea Giant (EX1_586)

Survival of the Fittest (SCH_609)

The Amazing Reno (YOD_009)

The Boom Reaver (DAL_070)

Tyrantus (UNG_852)

Ultimate Infestation (ICC_085)

Ultrasaur (UNG_806)

Varian Wrynn (AT_072)

Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound (OG_042)

Yogg-Saron, Hope's End (OG_134)

Zul'jin (TRL_065)

Snowfury Giant (ICC_090)

Arcane Giant (KAR_711)

Clockwork Giant (GVG_121)

Grave Horror (TRL_408)

Mountain Giant (EX1_105)

Molten Giant (EX1_620)

Shirvallah, the Tiger (TRL_300)