Descent of Dragons:

  • Old decks have be removed from the website.
  • New decks will be added/removed as soon as we have enough data (can take few hours to get the data)
  • The algorithm for deck detection has been reset and has to train again using the new expansion cards/decks, so for the first few days, you will see a lot of decks that might not be as refined or relevant but will help the system learn and adapt.
  • To keep up with all the meta changes we will be updating all stats on the site hourly.

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Hearthstone Meta Snapshot (Mar 19 - Mar 25) Published: March 26th, 2019

Total Games:

#Popular Archetypes
(% of total games)
Archetype tiers are calculated using Machine Learning. As we all know there are already experts out there creating tiers list, so we decided to do something different and let machine figure out what is going to be successful on the ladder. This is still a work in progress and will be tweaked as we move along. The training data for the algorithm includes Archetype Matchup, Deck Win-Rates, Archetype Card Stats, and Archetype Popularity.

Archetype Tier Ranks
Rank 20 - Rank 11
Archetype Tier Ranks
Rank 10 - Rank 6
Archetype Tier Ranks
Rank 5 - Legend

# Deck List
# Card